February 2019
Issue #4


Welcome to our 4th edition of Speaking of Diversity. This month, we have a variety of stories we hope you'll find insightful on the important issues of diversity:

  • Our Q & A with Marietta Watts, University of Kentucky's Executive Diversity Liaison, talks about the university's Unconscious Bias Initiative;
  • A story from NPR's Morning Edition about how certain words and phrases can help or hurt the racial conversation;
  • Why American's psychologists want us to talk more about race;
  • An inspiring video that celebrates diversity through love;
  • The changing demographics of the 'post-millennial' generation; and
  • A look at 'class-bias' and why it must be included in any discussions about diversity.

We do value your feedback. We'd love to know what you think of our selections. Please let us know if you have an article or video you think might be worth sharing with our readers.

Thanks again for your interest. We look forward to continuing the conversation,

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The Defamation Experience
Kimm Beavers facilitating a discussion at the University of Kentucky.
Students at the University of Kentucky engage in the post-show discussion.
Dialogue On Diversity

Q&A with Marietta Watts
Executive Diversity Liaison, Unconscious Bias Initiative, University of Kentucky
This month, Marietta Watts talks about the University's Unconscious Bias Initiative , and how bringing The Defamation Experience to campus allowed her to expand their diversity programming beyond their faculty and staff to include a student-oriented component.

" We are the first university in the country to implement unconscious bias training as a stand-alone offering to further insure and demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion... The Defamation Experience was a way to present a non-threatening scenario that everyone could relate to. Many discussions took place in workplaces, classrooms and meeting rooms afterward...I think this program should be a required event for every college student in the US.”

Dialogue On Diversity, a conversation with leaders in the field of diversity and inclusion, is designed to help better understand the issues they face in today’s challenging times.
"We know, together, we can create a more inclusive world."
Love Has No Labels

Love Has No Labels is a movement to promote acceptance and inclusion of all people across race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability. To help promote their message, The Ad Council created a series of powerful videos addressing the organization's message: love is the most powerful force to overcome bias, celebrate diversity and encourage people to come together.

Check out the Love Has No Labels website to learn about the small actions you can take every day to make others feel loved and accepted.

Photo Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

"Frank discussions of race stir up powerful emotions for almost everybody. The key point is that we shouldn’t avoid that discomfort."
America’s Psychologists Weigh In On How Racism Holds Our Country Back

Los Angeles Times, December 21, 2018 

The nation’s psychologists want us to talk about race. Not in the hushed confines of a therapist’s office, but in classrooms, church basements and workplaces. If that feels like a daunting task, don’t worry. The mental health experts have launched a video series to get you started.

"As race has taken a more central role in political and social discourse — on policing, college admissions, immigration and politically correct speech — the need to grapple with these ideas only grows."

Image Credit:
Martin Leigh/Getty Images

" Exploring questions of tone, or to learn about the point behind somebody saying something like white tears can enrich the conversation. "
When The 'White Tears' Just Keep Coming

By Leah Donnella on NPR's Morning Edition
November 28, 2018

In her recent NPR Opinion piece, Leah Donnella talks about how "talking about race is hard... It often involves hurt feelings and misunderstandings. And the words and phrases we use can either push those conversations forward or bring them to a standstill. One such term: white tears."

"The first time I heard the phrase, I was a student at Pomona College. My professor was  Valorie Thomas , who teaches English and Africana Studies. Thomas says she's been dealing with the topic in her classes for years."

Post-Millennials on Track to Be Most Diverse, Best-Educated Generation Yet
According to a recent study on social and demographic trends from The Pew Research Center, an analysis of Census Bureau data finds that the “post-Millennial” generation is already the most racially and ethnically diverse generation.

"As a new generation of Americans begins to take shape and move toward adulthood, there is mounting interest in their attitudes, behaviors and lifestyle. But how will this generation change the demographic fabric of the United States?"

"Class-based bias, just like gender- and racial-based biases, can seep into workplace systems and artificially hinder the career success of those groups."
Why Companies Should Add Class to Their Diversity Discussion

By Joan C. Williams, Marina Multhaup, and Sky Mihaylo
Harvard Business Review September 5, 2018

In their article, the authors provide insightful examples of common workplace systems and processes that can get tainted by class-based bias.

"We know it’s awkward, talking about class...When the subject comes up, otherwise articulate and extroverted people suddenly clam up and be struck dumb...But class background matters in the workplace. Just ask professionals who grew up in blue-collar households — people scholars call “ class migrants .”

THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE is a unique interactive diversity program in three parts: a courtroom drama, an audience deliberation, and a post-show discussion.

THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE is an interactive diversity program appropriate for a myriad of diverse audiences including Corporations, Colleges, Universities, High Schools, Law Schools, Bar Associations, Civic, Cultural and Religious Organizations. Discover why countless diversity & inclusion experts are calling it one of the most relevant and compelling programs they have ever scheduled.

MIDWEST: September 23 - October 6
MID ATLANTIC: October 14 - 27 
NEW ENGLAND: October 28 - November 10

To find out how you can bring THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE to your venue, contact Kimm Beavers, Managing Producer, at defamationtheplay.kimm@gmail.com
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