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speaking your event's language

The wildly successful Simply Slavic festival celebrates the deep ethnic traditions of the Mahoning Valley and exemplifies our style of professional event management. Drawing on the love of a good cause, we add all our capabilities to create something memorable. The team utilizes our years of experience and passion in everything we do, from branded artwork, to sponsorship and solicitations, to unique themed activities. We pride ourselves on unmatched attention to authenticity while working closely with our clients to curate every aspect of the event. Let us know if we can do this for you! Kim Urig, Editor

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the creative SCOOP

maybe I'll be a muralist?

Sometimes our minds tend to drift into unknown spaces of reflection, deep thinking, overthinking, and overanalyzing - sort of the standard tortuous curse of a creative thinker. I personally love creative daydreaming to take a break when I can step away from technology and deadlines then doodle aimlessly, create chalk art on my driveway, or paint on canvas, walls, rocks - anything really. I find this time out necessary and fulfilling to balance out the creative brain, it’s cathartic and peaceful for me.

A recent story about Youngstown's newest mural reminded me of my COVID project. During lockdown, my daughter and I started a jungle theme mural on a blank wall space in our basement - her idea. We loved it but, sadly never finished it. I often wistfully think about how much I would love to do abstract playful murals as a side gig with my daughter...

A recent period of reflection led me to the men of Very Gay Paint. These hilarious comedians recently became muralists by happenstance - painting on a wall in their basement. Perhaps there is hope for me yet, just don’t tell my boss! Check out their rent PRINT mag story here

Agata Khoury, Art Director

Very Gay Paint - A comedy duo who are now legit muralists.

Local muralist Patrick McGlone recently finished the historic Rica Building

Jungle Mural by Agi & Lilly K.

- aspiring muralists. Stay tuned !

shining the SPOTLIGHT

The arrival of summer has never been so jubilantly celebrated as it was last month when we orchestrated a private event in near Akron.

Marquee designed thematic-invitations served to both set the tone and educate the guests on the traditions of this special evening. Entertainment coordination, hands-on activities and menu planning for the caterer were also under our purview.

The hosts summed it up best: “Our guests were treated to entertainment, learning, great food & spirits that combined to make an evening of pure magic!”

Megan Duden, Digital Marketing Director

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in the KNOW

How to Amp Up Your LinkedIn Profile - Marquee Creatives

In today’s digital age, it seems like everything has a virtual component. From social media to your garage door, you can access everything through the internet. So naturally, even your professional life has an app – LinkedIn. But standing out from the crowd does not have to be drastic. You can do it and remain true to your personal brand. 


the industry TRENDS

July is National Independent Retailer Month

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and comprise the bulk of Marquee’s client list. We recognize the contributions Independent Retailers make to our local landscape and invite you to join us.



Marketer Trade Group Report Shows Ad Spending 'Rife with Waste'

Automation doesn’t always make your marketing plan more effective. A recent study from the Association of National Advertisers warned against automating your ad purchases and implementing a more strategic plan for purchasing advertising.


Why Festival and Events Matter More Than Ever

Marquee has event management in our portfolio because now more than ever, the collective experience of gathering together matters. When people experience something as a community, they gain value and insight. Special events engage the public in a meaningful shared way.


MARQUEE shows you all the coming attractions in marketing.



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