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Mid- Month  Special Addition - September 2016
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Karen's Painting with Beads
Ceramic Focal with Picasso Seed Beads

I promised I would not disappoint those of you that missed out on the Raku & Picasso Painting with Beads Necklace Kit. I found a stunning compliment. Hope you like it. This design is another kit in my "Painting with Beads" collection. The necklace is designed with "sections" of color-blocking with 8/0 Picasso seed beads and a contrasting swirl in 8/0 Matte Black. The colors in the focal bead are gorgeous with the Picasso beads. The focal beads are handcrafted and they are absolutely beautiful. Quantities limited. 
Kit includes:
- Ceramic Focal Bead
- 2 Porcelain Cheerio Beads
- 1 Spool C-Lon Bead Cord (77 yards - you will have extra)
- 8/0 Picasso Seed Beads (2 colors)
- 8/0 Matte Black Seed Beads
- 4mm Acrylic Glue-in End Cap
- Wide Eye Needle
- Instructions with Photos
You will need:
- Kumihimo Disk (I use the  Beadsmith THICK Mini and it's great)
- 9 Bobbins (I use the  Small EZ Bobbins)
- Scissors
- Tape Measure
- Needle & Thread or Cord Zapper to finish ends
- Glue (I use WeldBond Universal Glue - available at Ace Hardware stores & some craft stores)

You should know:
- Kumihimo Round Braid (Kongoh Gumi)
- How to drop beads (see  Kumihimo Tip #14 if you need a refresher). It's easy.
Cost $38.00

My mom shared this with me and I am sharing it with you....
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