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OMB Decision RE:  2700 Aquitaine Ave  

I am so pleased to share good news with you.  On Monday February 22, I received the decision of the Ontario Municipal Board that they did NOT approve the request to build 3 apartment buildings at 2700 Aquitaine Avenue.

As you know this has been a very contentious application and I appreciate all the support and help from so many residents as we fought it.  I was pleased Council supported me and refused the application and the applicant then appealed it to the OMB.  Frankly we were not assured of a favourable outcome so this news came as a very welcome surprise.

In rendering his decision the Board chair said "The Board will not approve the requested development application appeals for the development proposal..."
In the decision report, he referred to the fact that the City has in place an Official Plan that sets out where the intensification will go and that this site is not within that zone.  He noted our Official Plan and policies are in compliance with the provincial policies for growth.

He also noted that the proposal did not provide any transition to adjacent uses and in fact the buildings were taller than what is currently on the site. Our key witness, planner Ted Davidson, expanded on the fact that Meadowvale is a stable area, the site is not designated in an intensification zone and that the form was not compatible with existing uses.  The board agreed with his statements.

The board also felt the proposal was for "significant" intensification that was not appropriate.  The board did state that there should be some intensification on the site but that it should be within the City policies.  This means a maximum of 4 storeys and at a density that can be accommodated in the neighbourhood.

The Board withheld the final decision for 6 months to allow the City to work with the applicant to see if we can agree on a suitable redevelopment plan for the lands.  If we cannot agree then the decision stands. 

This means we have control of the land use.  I will be meeting with planning staff in the coming weeks and reconvening the Meadowvale Steering Committee to discuss next steps.  I will keep the community informed and there will possibly be further public sessions later this spring.

Thank you again for all the support.  This is a major victory for our community and I want to especially thank the residents who attended and spoke at the board hearing.  I am very proud to have such wonderful residents in our ward.
Click here to read the OMB decision.


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