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Labeling of Bulk Eggs at Retail

Due to a high demand for eggs, the industry is currently experiencing a national shortage of egg cartons. The Ohio Department of Agriculture has been notified that retailers will be receiving flats of eggs for sale to the consumer. The labeling requirements for bulk eggs differ from carton eggs. These requirements can be found in Ohio Revised Code 925.022 and are summarized below:

A placard must be plainly marked designating the correct grade and size of the eggs. If the eggs are not graded, they shall be identified as ungraded or unclassified. If the eggs are not sized, the eggs shall be identified as mixed size. Bulk eggs are not required to display a packing date or location.

Eggs at retail, identified as stated above will comply with Ohio Administrative Code 3717-1-03(A)(3) which requires packaged foods to be labeled as specified in law.
Mar. 24, 2020
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