Dear Valued OGA Members,

As you are well aware, we are in difficult and trying times right now, with an ever-changing response to the worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.   We understand that you are on the front lines of this battle, and more than any of us are experiencing an incredible amount of stress and anxiety while providing for the health and safety of your team and customers. For that we cannot thank you enough!

In an effort to help you in your stores, we have developed a Coronavirus Response Kit. This digital Resource Kit provides you with a variety of items we hope will help alleviate some of the burden of information you are trying to convey to your customers and team.

The Kit contains the following items:

-       Store Response Flyer (PDF): to be posted at your entrances and high-traffic doorways.

-       Blank Store Response Flyer (PDF): for you to incorporate custom messages about your efforts to combat this pandemic.

-       Breakroom Flyer (PDF): to be posted in employee gathering areas and break rooms

-       Shelf Talker (PDF): to be placed on high-demand shelves or endcaps and in high-traffic store areas.

-       Blank Shelf Talker (PDF): to be used for custom messages about stocking and/or supply.

-       Register Card (PDF): Prepped as a single-card and 4-up (to be cut apart) to be placed at Registers and check stands as well as self-checkout areas.

-       Social Media Posts (Word Document): A series of 4 prepped social media posts for you to use however you wish through your various social media outlets. Simply cut-and-paste the language from each post out of the Word document to use.

-       Social Media Graphics (JPEG): Matching social media graphics to use in conjunction with the posts you place (studies show that posts with graphics are read nearly 400% more than a post without).
Use these however you wish ! This Kit will also be made available on our website through our COVID-19 information page (link at the bottom of the page under "Other Resources"). If you need assistance please reach out to us!

We sincerely hope that these tools will help you as we continue to make our way through this very troublesome time, and want you to know that YOU are top of mind for us. If there is anything additional that we can do for you, please let us know. In the meantime, thank you for all you do – for us and for the community!
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to OGA…we’re happy to help!
Ohio Grocers Association
1335 Dublin Road, Suite 207B
Columbus, OH 43215