Dear OGA Retailer:

As you all know, yesterday Governor DeWine extended the Stay At Home Executive Order until May 1 st . This new version also added the requirement for retailers (all essential businesses) to limit the number of customers in their stores. While the Governor did not provide clear guidelines for compliance, OGA feels this is to our industry’s benefit as we can set our own compliance rules that at the same time will maximize our operations – especially given the Easter Holiday being right around the corner.

In an effort to provide some guidance, OGA offers the following for your consideration.

·         To figure your new capacity – we suggest taking your existing store/fire code maximum capacity number and using 50% or less as your new capacity number.

·         There is a REQUIREMENT to post this new capacity number on your store doors.   Click here for a template that you can use to for this new required signage.

·         We are under the assumption that capacity DOES NOT include store employees. That being said – we encourage you to train your staff to self-correct and maintain 6’ self-distancing.

·         Continue with your existing self-distancing practice

  • Mark 6’ distances at your checkout lines
  • Encourage the use of self-checkout if available
  • Encourage curbside and delivery options of available
  • Consider using every other check lane
  • Consider changing lane shopping to one-way traffic
  • Continue with cleaning/sanitizing protocols
  • Continue Gloves/Masks/Sanitizers protocols
  • Any other practices you are currently doing

·         Encourage your customers to do their part!  C lick here for sample signage.

·         We strongly encourage retailers to mark 6’ distances outside your stores – where a line may form.

·         It is our understanding that it will be up to your local health departments and law enforcement to determine compliance. We are unsure what actions will be taken if they feel you are not in compliance.

Again these are guidelines and what action you take in your stores is up to you. These are suggestions in an attempt to help you comply.

If you have other suggestions that you’d like to share, please email so that I can share them with the membership.

Thank you for all you are doing. 

Ohio Grocers Association
1335 Dublin Road, Suite 207B
Columbus, OH 43215