Urge Congress to Support our COVID-19 Heroes!

Independent grocery employees are working hard every day to ensure our families have access to food during this unprecedented emergency.

Please urge your Senators and Representatives to recognize these HEROES and give them well-deserved tax relief for their commitment to serving their communities during this pandemic. Feel free to encourage employee participation in this effort.

This proposal provides income tax relief for those working in a duty station that is part of DHS-designated critical infrastructure up to the first $8,900 per month of pay, as well as payroll tax relief for these individuals up to the first $50,000 of their income to ensure a tax benefit for workers who do not currently owe income tax.
Working each day during this emergency presents extraordinary challenges and independent grocery workers are rising to the occasion.
Please email your legislators and urge them to provide tax relief for our COVID-19 Heroes!
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to support tax relief for our HEROES !

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