Attn: Wholesalers and Haulers -- Below find a notice OGA has just received from ODOT as it relates to the emergency permit process. Please know that this is NOT what OGA has been lobbying for; but is the decision of the Governor’s office to follow ODOT’s recommendations during this time of crisis. IMPORTANT: We do ask that if you run into any issues with this process (taking too long, etc.) to please contact Kristin Mullins so that we can report back to the Governor’s office of the need of a change in this process.

For this emergency ODOT is currently allowing permits for emergency medical relief, food and like items to be issued via phone with following the paper process and fee collection at a later time. Ohio Administrative Code sections 5501:2-1-01 (H)(I), 5501:2-1-06 and 5501:2-1-07 (12) Emergency single trip permit shall not exceed one calendar day; (13) Emergency single trip and return permit shall not exceed three calendar days. In no case shall a permit be issued for a duration which extends beyond the expiration date of any insurance policy or endorsement provided as evidence of financial responsibility.

We do ask that haulers call our main office line at 614-351-2300 during normal business hours (7:30am-4:30pm Monday through Friday) so that we can obtain some information from them and provide after-hours emergency contacts to our technicians that can authorize these types of permits.

If needed for an after-hours emergency and the hauler hasn’t had time to call during business hours please use Mike Moreland’s cell number (740-216-0520) for now.

These permits once authorized will allow vehicles to exceed to the statutory weight and size limits found in Ohio revised Code 5577.04 and 5577.05. The following comment is placed on all emergency permits for your reference:

This permit is issued as an 'Emergency permit' and is authorized for movement when necessitated by any occurrence which causes or threatens to cause the loss of life or otherwise endangers public health, safety or welfare. Movement at night is authorized provided that proper lighting is used during night time travel. Curfew and Holiday provisions do not apply to this permit.

The following website provides information on the process as it relates to a typical emergency however as stated prior we are collecting paperwork at a later date:

The frequently asked questions section should help walk through the normal emergency and permitting process. This webpage also has contact name and numbers to several local agencies for those loads that are traveling off the State Highway system to their destinations.

ODOT is committed to ensuring the safe and efficient movement of essential and emergency supplies throughout our state. If we can be of any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to call.

The Office of Homeland Security has provided guidance and information that you may find helpful as our industry has been defined as essential during this time of crisis.
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