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Attn: Wholesalers and Haulers – UPDATED information!! 
Click here for a copy of the new expanded permit from Director Jack Marchbanks from ODOT. This expanded permit does a few things: (1) allows for a blank waiver of up to 90,000 pounds GVW; (2) eliminates the emergency permit fees; and (3) requires you to still file your route taken with ODOT. All other permit requirements remain intact and this expansion will last throughout the Governor’s Executive Order. We appreciate the partnership Director Marchbanks and ODOT has shown as we all work to get through the COVID-19 situation. This is certainly is more in line with our original ask!
Federal News Updates

DHS- Essential Workers Border Travel Statements

Do grocery stores need to provide dedicated hours for seniors? – From FMI FAQs Page

-       Older adults and people with chronic medical conditions are at higher risk of getting sick from COVID-19.  CDC recommends that at-risk communities to take precautions to limit close contact with others, avoid crowds and stay home as much as possible due to COVID-19. Offering dedicated shopping hours for seniors is just one example of how the food industry is seeking to support these communities who are at a higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19 by offering safe options to consumers and those shopping on behalf of others.

-       Other recommendations to help those customers who need assistance in getting their groceries, include:

o  Honoring all social distancing protocols, ask a neighbor to add your needed items to their grocery list and arrange a safe means of conducting the necessary transitions.

o  Tap a volunteer organization in your county, community, city or state.

o  Solicit local faith communities for support.

o  Check with your local civic association.

o  Be aware that local food banks are working to ensure access as well, such as creating “quarantine kits” for those in need, or “open door” policies so individuals don’t need to touch handles or other entry points in high-touch areas.

For additional information see: CDC Guidelines for Higher Risk Populations .
Senate Bill HEN20255 or the “CARES Act”: Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act
-       Section by Section breakdown (Attached)
-       CARES Act Summary (Attached)
-       Please also read the various committee press releases that walk through each section –
o   Finance Tax
o   HELP1
o   HELP2
o   Small Business   
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