Today's Liquor Commission Action

This morning, the Ohio Liquor Commission met to adopt a revised rule with regard to sale of alcoholic beverages at Ohio’s bars and restaurants in response to recent data regarding the spread of COVID-19.

OAC 4301:1-1-80 does several key things with regard to liquor permit holders for on-premises consumption. Click here for the full language .

It limits the hours for on-premises sales or consumption of beer, wine, mixed beverages, and spirituous liquor in the following manner: prohibits the sale of beer, wine, mixed beverages, or spirituous liquor for on-premises consumption from Monday to Sunday after 10:00 p.m.; and prohibits consumption of beer, wine, mixed beverages, or spirituous liquor on the premises after 11:00 p.m.

It also continues the ability for these permit holders to sell and delivery beer, wine, and mixed beverages in the original packages for off-premises consumption to the extent permitted by law or rule. It allows these liquor permit holders to sell and deliver beer, wine, mixed beverages or spirituous liquor by the individual drink for off-premises consumption under certain circumstances, and the new rule expands the number of drinks to three per meal, up from two previously.

Note: This mostly applies to bars and restaurants not retail sales; but if you have a bar inside you store then you must comply with the rule below. 

Speaker Selection
The Ohio House of Representatives met yesterday in a special session to consider the removal of Larry Householder from his position as Speaker of the House due to the pending criminal indictments against him announced recently by the US Attorney’s Office.

The full House voted 91-0 to remove Speaker Householder from the position. The House Republicans then met to consider a new Speaker and voted late yesterday afternoon to name Representative Bob Cupp (R-Lima) the new Speaker.

Representative Cupp is serving in his third term in the Ohio House. He previously served many years in the Ohio Senate. He also served as an appellate judge and as an Ohio Supreme Court Justice. His bio can be found here:

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