October 12, 2017


The Metro Council, on Wednesday, defeated a proposal for a six-month moratorium. Councilmember, Buddy Amoroso, proposed the moratorium and was only able to secure the support of Chauna Banks. The motion failed 2 to 9. 

At that same meeting, Councilmembers, Dwight Hudson and Erika Green, introduced an ordinance, proposing substantial changes to the Unified Development Code ("UDC") Chapter 15 Floodplains & Drainage.There will be a public hearing on these proposed amendments on October 25, 2017. The link to the proposed ordinance is found below. 

The proposed ordinance makes the following changes: 

1. Assure that the flood-carrying capacity within the altered or relocated portion of any     watercourse is increased by ten (10) percent. 


2. Implementation of a Stormwater Management Plan that recommends specific on-site drainage improvements to provide adequate capacity for a 25 year storm event rather than 10 year. 


3. Drainage Impact Study: The proposed development result be no more than a ten percent increase in the 25 year pre-development peak discharge at the point of discharge from the development site. (Currently 10 years.) 


4. Hydrologic Design: Drainage Impact Study shall indicate existing condition peak 25 year flow rates at development entry and exit points. (Currently 10 years.) 


5. Drainage Impact Study shall include future conditions peak 25 year flow rates at the development entry and exit points. (Currently 10 years.) 


6.If ponds are used in design for routing of flows, the 25 year storm event shall be used in design. (Currently 10 years.) 


7. Fill Requirements: The development construction grading plan shall be provided to show at least a 10% increase in the existing flood volume storage capacity below the base flood elevation established for the site.

A meeting to discuss this proposed ordinance will be held at the Capital Region Builders Association (CRBA) 10518 Kentshire Court on Monday, October 16, 2017 at 2:00 PM. We urge those in the development community to have your design professionals attend this important meeting. We need  the technical expertise of the engineering community to vet this proposal. There needs to be a full discussion of the intended and unintended consequences of this proposed ordinance.


Larry S. Bankston
Executive Director