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USDA & 2020 Appropriations Bill

The Washington Post yesterday exposed how animals are suffering due to the failure of USDA to enforce the federal Animal Welfare Act. The Washington Post interviewed the Alliance on how USDA’s lax enforcement efforts are endangering animals in Missouri puppy mills.

These are dogs from the Missouri breeder referred to in the Washington Post story. At the urging of the Alliance, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed legal action against this breeder. USDA, however, refused to cite this breeder. USDA's Director of Animal Welfare Operations, Dr. Robert Gibbens, continues to defend his inspectors who ignored the poor condition of these dogs.
Congress comes to the aid of puppy mill dogs.
We are pleased to report that help is on the way . Yesterday, Congress passed the 2020 Appropriations bill.  Due to the efforts of the Alliance’s federal lobbyist, the federal appropriations bill contains language that would require USDA to make public all Animal Welfare Act inspection reports.  In addition, at the Alliance’s urging, Congress instructed USDA to once again start documenting all Animal Welfare Act non-compliances observed by USDA officials.  Too often, USDA was ignoring violations and refusing to cite inhumane dog breeders, instead, referring to the violations as “teachable moments.”

Thanks for your support this year in our continuing efforts to ensure the adequate enforcement of our animal welfare laws!