Building a Legacy: On the Rock
My Dear Brothers and Sisters:
Our Bishop has a special request for us to pray together tomorrow, March 25, on the Feast of the Annunciation. Please read his heartfelt words, below, and please join in this prayer with me and with all the people of St. Peter.
Our Holy Father has requested that we come together in prayer this Wednesday, March 25 on the Feast of the Annunciation.  Our Holy Father says:  “In these trying days, while humanity trembles due to the threat of the pandemic, I would like to propose to all Christians that together we lift our voices towards Heaven. I invite all the Heads of the Churches and the leaders of every Christian community, together with all Christian of the various confessions, to invoke the Almighty, the omnipotent God, to recite at the same time the prayer that Jesus, our Lord, taught us. I, therefore, invite everyone to do this several times a day, but all together, to recite the Our Father this coming Wednesday, March 25 at noon , all together. On that day on which many Christians recall the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary of the Incarnation of the Word, may the Lord listen to the united prayer of all of His disciples who are preparing themselves to celebrate the victory of the Risen Christ.”
We are in a Laetare week, called to rejoice in God’s people and creation. As I was celebrating Mass today, I couldn’t help but think more deeply about the words of the prophet Isaiah, where God rejoices in what He has created and finds His “people to be a delight.”

 “Lo, I am about to create new heavens and a new earth; The things of the past shall not be remembered or come to mind. Instead, there shall always be rejoicing and happiness in what I create; For I create Jerusalem to be a joy and its people to be a delight; I will rejoice in Jerusalem and exult in my people.”  (Is. 65:17-21).
At Mass, I was remembering all of you, and the same feeling entered my heart, since it is the way I feel about every parishioner of Saint Peter. In the spirit of obedience to the Holy Spirit, I want to invite you to accept yesterday’s executive order from the Governor, and the instructions from our Bishop, implementing these measures as extra precautions needed to help bring about a faster recovery from this pandemic.

There are signs of new life around us, pointing us to the “new heavens and a new earth.” Just look around. People are coming together to help others, especially those greatly challenged by age or health.   

Remember, this is Laetare week. And the Lord rejoices in us. He is with us. Let us join the Blessed Mother, who, “at the foot of the cross”, keeps praying for her children in need, “now and in the hour of our death”. 

In God’s merciful heart,
Fr. Fabio
And don’t worry! God has our backs.
St. Peter Catholic Church
100 St. Peter Dr. Douglas, MI 49419