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The National Council of Investigation & Security Services ( held its 40th Annual Conference and Hit the Hill event the week of 04/05/2016 in Baltimore MD and Washington DC.  Annual elections were held, and we are pleased and honored to announce that Dean was elected President for the 2016-2017 term.  

Chairman of the Board - James E. Huckabee 
President - Dean A. Beers 
1st Vice President - Terry Myer 
2nd Vice President - Brad Duffy 
3rd Vice President - Dean Gluth 
Secretary - Francie Koehler 
Treasurer - Bill Fletcher 

Region 1 (2017) IL-IN-MI-KY-OH-PA-WA - Tony Quintana 
Region 2 (2017) CT-MA-ME-NJ-NH-NY-RI-VT - Candace Ivey 
Region 3 (2017) DC-DE-FL-GA-MD-NC-SC-PR-VA - Larry Flannery 
Region 4 (2016) AL-AR-MO-LA-MS-NM-OK-TN-TX - Mark Gillespie 
Region 5 (2016) AZ-CO-IA-KS-MN-ND-NE-SD-UT-WI-WY - Andrea Orozco 
Region 6 (2016) AK-CA-HI-ID-MT-OR-NV-WA - Dana Griffith 
Members at Large (2016) - Jim Casteel 
Members at Large (2016) - Chuck McLaughlin 
Members at Large (2017) - Audra Coleman 
Members at Large (2017) - Jerry Pitman

This term we first give our thanks to Bob Heales, immediate past Board Chairman, past President and having served several years in multiple positions.  We also extend our thanks to Debbie Anderson, immediate past Secretary, and past Regional Director.  Also finishing their terms on the board with our thanks were Directors At Large Gary Brummond and Tim O'Rourke.

Mark Gillespie (Region 4), Andrea Orozco (Region 5) and Dana Griffith (Region 6) were re-elected for another term.  Dean Gluth vacated Region 1 for 3rd Vice President, and Tony Quintana moved from Region 2 to his home area of Region 1.  Past President Francie Koehler was elected our new Secretary.

This term we welcome Candace Ivey as the new Regional Director (2), and also Jim Casteel (AL) and Chuck McLaughlin (MA) as Directors At Large. 
From the NCISS President, Dean A. Beers, CLI, CCDI

I am deeply honored and humbled to be elected President of the National Council of Investigation & Security Services for 2016-2017.  NCISS is in great shape and I look forward to working with the Board and Membership to continue its proud history of advocating for the investigative and security professions. 

I hold several positions in state, national and international associations.  It is not something we ask to do or insert ourselves into.  Instead, it is because we are asked to and are honored to.  Being involved is one of the most important things we do - as citizens and professionals.  It is the mission of NCISS - as President Emeritus Ed McClain reminds us - "A cornerstone of American jurisprudence is a court system with documented records open to inspection by every citizen.  NCISS is dedicated to keeping it that way.  NCISS opposes record closure" that makes this the most important association and position for me and our profession.

The next year will be busy and exciting - I hope you join me!

With appreciation, Dean
The Quint-Essential Qualities of a Professional Investigator...
Skills Appropriate for the Assignment
Law firms and medical offices specialize - Professional Investigators also specialize.  Their casework and continuing education should also be in your specialized areas.

Experience and Knowledge
Professional Investigators strive to maintain and further these. All professions have requirements of continuing education.  The CLI program requires extensive compliance with continuing education.

Responsible and Ethical Conduct
Every component of the investigation has evidentiary considerations. Professional Investigators hold themselves to a higher standard and leaves no question as to the admissibility of their evidence.  Information without ethics is not evidence.

Effective Communication
Professional Investigators maintain communication with the attorney, client, witnesses, and other key persons in the investigation.  Moreover, reports are the product of an organized investigation and should reflect the work product you expect.

Keyword - 'Professional'
Honesty, Integrity & Intelligence.  These define Professional Investigators and gives you the confidence that your case is in competent and skilled hands.

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