MSJC's 25th Anniversary
2023 is a milestone year for the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative.  Twenty-five years ago, the Collaborative was formed among the three branches of the Marianist Family (SM, FMI and the Laity) as a unique place of connection to keep the fires of justice burning. Over the years, the MSJC has addressed the signs of the times, focusing on national and international issues such as ending sweatshop labor, caring for our environment, and working to eradicate racism. Some highlights include:

  • Bro. Jerry Sullivan, SM’s powerful testimony in Maryland, which helped lead to the state’s abolition of the death penalty in 2013
  • Our groundbreaking work to make our Church a more welcoming place for LGBTQ+ Catholics
  • Over sixty Marianist Communities (both Religious and Lay) called to advance justice through our Justice Discernment Process 

Today, over eighty volunteers advocate and create opportunities for engagement around seven distinct social justice initiatives. As a model of collaboration between various justice interests and faith, we look forward to continuing this important work well into the future. According to former MSJC Director Jim Vogt, “The occasion of the 25th anniversary of MSJC’s founding is a time of both celebration and commitment. We need to celebrate the vision of those Marianist Family leaders who created MSJC as well as the incredible work for justice that MSJC volunteers have done over these years. But we also have to commit to continuing the work that has been begun – to affirm women and reject patriarchy, to welcome LGBTQ+ persons, to embrace an anti-racist position, to end the death penalty, to work for a sustainable environment and to advocate for just treatment of migrants and the marginalized. Let us go forward with confidence in Mary’s guidance.”

Throughout 2023, the MSJC will commemorate our 25th Anniversary with special resources, e.g. reflections in our monthly newsletter “Justice Jottings,” and special events, e.g. a presentation at the 2023 Marianist Lay Assembly in St. Louis. We encourage all to participate in our "Next 25 Years of MSJC Visioning” Jamboard (link below). Please join us in both celebrating our history and preparing for our future! 
Do you have MSJC stories or highlights or photos to share? We need them! Please contact Erin at and let us know.