Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame chairman Mark McMillin is pleased to announce that the ORMHOF board of directors has unanimously voted to add two new board members, Jeff Furrier and Rafael Navarro III. Both will serve three-year terms, effective immediately.
"Jeff and Rafael will make excellent additions to the Hall of Fame board," said Mark, "They both have extensive experience and knowledge, and equally as important, true passion for the history and future of the sport of off-road."
Jeff Furrier
Jeff's family has been in the tire business since 1963 and later expanded to include Desert Rat Off Road Centers and UPR Racing Supply. He has worked in the business since 1980.
"My primary focus has been in the racing industry as a supplier and advocate for higher standards, particularly in off road racing," says Jeff.
One of Jeff's hobbies is seeking out significant off road race cars to restore. He is passionate about racing and educating others on the incredible past of off road racing.
 New ORMHOF board member Jeff Furrier at the Hall of Fame Mint 400 display.
Jeff is currently restoring the Roger Mears Budweiser Jeep race Honcho and its matching pre-runner Jeep truck. He also owns Larry Ragland's Grasshopper S-10 truck and Mickey Thompson's Marines Buggy, which are in line to be restored. 
"I am honored to join the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame and its distinguished board," says Jeff, "I intend to help further the positive impact ORMHOF has made on off road racing by honoring those who have made it possible, in hopes that it will always be a part of our future."

Rafael Navarro III

New ORMHOF board member Rafael Navarro III is Chief Marketing Officer for Pirelli Tire North America
Rafael Navarro is a proven leader who has worked for automotive and motorsports companies for over 22 years.  In addition to being Chief Marketing Officer of Pirelli Tire North America, Rafael also serves on the board of the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.
"My passion for automobiles developed at an early age," says Rafael, "I started my own off-road racing team, Pete's Camp Racing, where I developed my knowledge of motorsports and business operations, winning multiple championships over the years with my father and my son."
Rafael has contributed to many successful programs such as Pirelli's Grand-Am campaign from 2008-2011, and the Pirelli GT3 Trophy with Porsche and Pirelli World Challenge, which is regarded as one of the most renowned GT racing championships in the world.
Earning a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Business Administration from the University of California at Los Angeles, Rafael also holds a Juris Doctorate from Northwestern California University School of Law and is currently finishing an Enology Certification program at UCLA.
Celebrate the past. Be part of the future. 
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