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Dear Friend of the Heart of Texas Foundation,

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of our work! Here are a few notes from our hearts to yours:

THIS YEAR'S ANNUAL BANQUET CANCELLED. I am writing to let you know that due to COVID-19, we have cancelled our Annual Banquet. This has always been such a delightful evening to be with so many of you who care about our work. This was no easy decision.

THE SHORTFALL WE FACE. Last year's banquet attendees and givers contributed over $188,000. Being fully accountable for all our gifts, we used them to help us meet the expenses of leading, developing, and supporting the Texas Field Ministers program.

This year, you can see the potential shortfall we are now facing.

WILL YOU HELP US MEET THE SHORTFALL, EVEN WITHOUT THE BANQUET? Will you consider helping us in whatever way would work best for you? No matter how large or small, every gift is totally accounted for and rejoiced over.  

I am writing to ask that you consider making a gift to our work, and am bold enough to pray that you will be led to make it a regular gift, whether monthly or quarterly. We are NOT stopping our work!

VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE FOR A FRESH LOOK AT YOUR HEART OF TEXAS FOUNDATION FAMILY AND OUR WORK ON YOUR BEHALF. To have a fresh look at some of the work that surrounds the Texas Field Ministers Program, go to our new website, at heartoftexasfoundation.org. See more of what we do as the exclusive no-cost service provider of the Texas Field Minister Program to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. We are totally different from any other prison ministry. Our Field Ministers are the front-line spiritual responders. They are the scholar-mentors in the Texas Prison system.

We have worked hard to update and expand our website, and I invite you to click right now and have a look. We still have the same focus: to keep taking the gospel of Jesus Christ into the darkest of places.


Thank you with all our hearts. Call or email us and we’ll help you set up a regular contribution at whatever interval you wish. We are an IRS approved 501(c)(3) on-profit corporation. Please check with your tax counsel for tax-deduction guidance. 

Will you help us continue moving forward, in spite of the COVID-19 challenge? 

In Christ always, with thanksgiving for this calling, and for you, as we stand under His waterfall of grace together,

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Grove Norwood, CEO

The Heart of Texas Foundation

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