A Special Announcement from Julie Gudmestad
As you may have heard, there are big changes afoot at Gudmestad Yoga Studio! After more than 30 years of running the studio, I've decided to pass the reins on to the next generation of teachers. Our teachers and staff are excited about putting together a new group of owners as I phase out of studio and building ownership over the course of the next year.

I plan to continue teaching weekly classes at the studio, as well as traveling to teach workshops throughout the US and Europe. I will also begin work on my long-planned book, which will be based on the 40 anatomy and asana columns I wrote for Yoga Journal magazine. This book will be the legacy that I leave for future generations of yoga teachers and students, to help them understand how the body works in yoga. The book will also emphasize the importance of healthy alignment in poses to help prevent injury and recover from painful problems. 

Meanwhile, we are working on the transition to the next incarnation of the studio. We plan to continue offering classes with our same wonderful teachers to our same loyal yoga students. At some point we may move to a new location or add satellite locations. We will continue with our Special Focus classes, Continuing Education for Teachers and Teachers in Training and Workshops, including Rachel's Teacher Training and my Anatomy Awareness in Asana week.

We plan to keep you informed as our plan evolves, and would love to have your input as we work on our plan for the studio evolution. We have set up a system so that you can contribute your ideas and suggestions. You can either send us an email to the studio, or write us a note on the forms available at the front desk. Either way, be sure to include your phone number or email address, so that we can respond to you as needed.

We welcome any ideas and inspirations you would like to contribute. We are especially interested in: 

* Ideas for new studio locations, including on the eastside and south of Portland

* Do you have skills (business, office, organizational, etc.) you would like to contribute? 

* Are you interested in becoming a part owner of the studio?
Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. We value your presence in our yoga community and look forward to practicing with you for many years to come.

Julie Gudmestad