The BTS Center Newsletter | October 25, 2018
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Dr. Pamela Shellberg Moving to a New Role in Wisconsin
After four years on the staff of The BTS Center as Scholar-in-Residence, Pamela Shellberg is leaving at the end of November for a new position in Madison, Wisconsin. Pam is looking ahead to being the Director of Life-Long Faith Formation at Bethel Lutheran Church, a church to which she’s been long connected – as well as looking forward to a return to Madison which was her home in the 1980s and 90s. This is also a return to her extended family who lives in Wisconsin and in the greater Chicago area.

Pam was the assistant professor of New Testament at Bangor Theological Seminary from 2009-2013. She joined The BTS Center staff in 2014 as consultant, program director, teacher, speaker, and program collaborator, always trying to keep her work and the direction of The BTS Center biblically grounded. She has given shape to the theology and philosophy of all programs related to “Course Corrections,” worked closely with our United Church of Christ partners through the UCC Regional Theological Education Consortium, the Damascus Project, the New England Association of United Christian Educators, and the New England Conferences, and overseen the Innovation Incubator Grant program.

Helen Scalia, Chair of The BTS Center Board of Trustees, notes, “It is with mixed emotions that we bid farewell to Pamela Shellberg, our Scholar-in-Residence. Pam has been an elemental presence at The BTS Center, grounding us in theology while we forge a new path. Her deep biblical knowledge, generous spirit, and warm nature have infused the work of this organization on every level. Though we are saddened by her departure, we are delighted she is following her calling to Wisconsin. The Board wishes Pam joy in her next journey.”

“Pam’s move to a teaching position in the church in Madison, Wisconsin is undeniably a blessing for her,” according to Robert Grove-Markwood, Executive Director of The BTS Center. “I am so glad for her, that she has this rich opportunity to do what she feels most called to do in a context and a place that best fits who she is. This is a loss for the Center, as we are losing a gifted Biblical scholar and teacher, a deeply spiritual, knowledgeable, insightful, articulate thought-partner, and an influential representative for The Center. This is also a personal and professional loss for me, as she has been a sensitive and formative influence, both as a trusted colleague and a friend. Still, I remain profoundly grateful for the time and the meaningful work we have shared. It has been a blessing for me and The BTS Center. She has made a difference here.” 

Pam will complete her work at the Center in mid-November, and the board will celebrate her service with us later in the month. Please join us in thanking Pam for her service to the seminary and to The BTS Center and wishing her Godspeed in her new adventure!
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