February 7, 2018 
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Super Bowl 52 will go down in history as a time when Eagles made a miracle happen and became the unlikeliest champs. The ebullient city's post-game celebrations lingered well into Monday morning because they beat the expected-six-time winner, New England Patriots. That's the story about all expectations; when the plausible event is overplayed, any movement away from the proposed outcome is witnessed with an exaggerated reaction. 
Equity markets have been on a rise for about a year and a half, hitting all-time highs most months. In mid-January of 2018 alone, the Dow crossed the 26,000 benchmark. This has led the investors to expect the upward market climb to be the new norm and a couple of percentage point drop in the markets suddenly gets a 'crash' status.
In reality, while the shed of over 1,150 points in Dow this Monday was recorded as the largest one day drop in index history, on a percentage basis, it was under 4.5%, which is not even in the top 20 negative single day movements. Meanwhile, the fundamentals remain strong and intact. Accelerated corporate earnings, increased wage growth, justified valuations, and a strong economic outlook continues under the backdrop of synchronized global growth.
The recent sell-off is more of an outcome of the process of reversion back to mean. Because of the overtly bullish sentiments of 2017, a market correction is very normal and somewhat natural. Investors will likely witness some more inevitable volatility as a result of this, which may present buying opportunities. Sticking to a disciplined investment strategy with a well-diversified approach will be needed to weather the distractions and staying on target with long-term goals.
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