Monday Morning Memo

12-15-2022 Special Announcement

Titan Trash Information

from Kevin Welsh 520 223-3861

Titan has sent the HOA a welcome letter with lots of info and you can find it

below. There are 4 important pieces of information I need to highlight:

1. Email Amanda at [email protected] with your name, address,

and container selection. You can also leave a voice mail for Amanda

at 520 382-1009 and make your selection if email is not an option.

2. Containers are available for recycles in 18-, 35-, or 65-gallon sizes, and

for trash in 35-, 65-, and 95-gallon sizes.

3. Trash & Recycles will both be picked up on Wednesdays beginning 4

Jan 2023. You may use your existing containers or just bags.

4. There is no need to call Titan for refunds of pre-paid service, it will

automatically be sent. Homeowners with Republic or Waste

Management needs to contact them and cancel service, request

container pickup and request any refund of pre-paid service.

If you have neighbors that do not receive the MMM, please share this

information with them.


Recycle & Trash

8387 North Oracle Road, Suite 100

Tucson, AZ 85704

(520) 382-1009

December 15th, 2022

Dear Esperanza Estates Residents,

-Titan Recycle and Trash is excited to be taking over refuse service for your community as of January 1st, 2023. Below is some information that you should read prior to our beginning service. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to visit our website, or contact our office. Your main point of contact will be Amanda Maestas: [email protected] 520-382-1009 (call or text). You can also email [email protected].

-CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS - *EXISTING CUSTOMERS* If you have an existing customer account with us, we will issue refunds for any services paid past December 31st, 2022. We have your payment history on file and these refunds will be mailed to you automatically; please do not contact us to request or inquire about refunds. If you are owed a refund and do not receive it by January 31st, please contact us at that time. - Your HOA will be billed for service; there is no need to contact us in response to this letter or set up an account with us except to order containers. - Beginning January 1st, 2023, there is no need to contact us to put your account on vacation hold or notify us of your travel plans. Simply put your trash and recycle out for collection when you are home. - If you have recently received an invoice, please only pay charges due through December 31st, 2022.

-TRASH AND RECYCLE CONTAINERS - Customers may request trash and/or recycle containers from Titan. The options include: 35-, 65-, or 95-gallon trash containers; 18, 35 or 65 gallon recycle containers. Please email your container requests, along with your name and address, to [email protected]. If you are unable to use email, please call 520-382-1009. If the line is busy, please leave a voicemail. One voicemail is sufficient and there is no need to make repeated contact attempts. - Containers will be delivered in the order that requests come in. Please allow up to 10 days from request to delivery. - Due to the required manufacturing time, container availability is subject to what we currently have in stock. If we do not have your requested size available, we will provide the closest size and swap it out at a later date as more options become available. - There is no need to use Titan containers; customers may continue to use they're in-ground or other containers of their own.

-TRASH AND RECYCLE SERVICE - Your normal service day will be every Wednesday for Trash and Recycle. Your first pickup day will be Wednesday, January 4th. - Please have your trash and recycle materials out for collection no later than 6:00 AM on collection day to ensure pickup. - Please bag and tie all trash. Small pet waste bags should be combined into a regular trash bag to prevent breakage. - Included is a holiday schedule and a list of acceptable recycle material. - Any yard waste that will not fit into a container must be tied or bundled so that it can be easily picked up by hand. Please limit excess materials to two (2) additional bags per pickup day; anything more may not be picked up. - Because our workers may have to empty some containers by hand, cactus, thorns, broken glass, or any other sharp object must be safely contained and labeled to prevent injury of our workers.

-Please recycle these items! 1. Newspapers 2. Brown paper bags 3. Corrugated cardboard (flattened) 4. Paperboard (cereal & shoe boxes) 5. Milk cartons & drink boxes 6. Molded fiberboard 7. Magazines & catalogs 8. Phonebooks 9. Printer / writing paper 10. Mail (windows & labels ok) 11. Brochures, pamphlets, folders, card stock etc. 12. Plastic (PETE) bottles (soda, water, etc.) 13. Plastic (HDPE) bottles & jugs (milk, juice, liquid detergent, shampoo etc.) 14. Aluminum cans 15. Steel / tin cans (non-hazardous aerosol cans ok) 16. Glass food & beverage bottles & jars **All food containment items (plates, bowls, containers) should be relatively clean and free of food residues** Non-Recyclable Materials: 1. Plastic Bags 2. Yard / landscape debris 3. Wide-mouth plastic containers/tubs/buckets/pails 4. Paper plates, cups, towels, napkins, tissue paper 5. Styrofoam / packing peanuts 6. Aluminum foil / pie plates 7. Hazardous items, medical supplies, electronics or batteries 8. Clothes / fabrics While we keep our route schedule as consistent as possible, please have your trash and recycle containers out for collection by 6:00 AM on your service day to ensure service in the case of unforeseen schedule changes.

-Holiday Schedule: Esperanza Estates In accordance with the wishes of our staff, the only holidays that will have a delay in service are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Thanksgiving 2023 NO CHANGE Christmas 2023 ONE DAY DELAY New Years’ Day 2024 ONE DAY DELAY