Dear Readers, the Arcturians are encouraging unity among lightworkers, and they share an important message through fellow Arcturian channeler David K. Miller and myself below. Please read and listen when you are able. If you wish to contribute to the unity, you are encouraged to attend a very special and unique event in July.
Arcturian Perspectives
Dr. Suzanne Lie and Special Guest David K. Miller

{We are celebrating Arcturian unity among diversity as we serve as a model for group collaboration that will accelerate humanity’s consciousness expansion and amplify unified efforts to uplift the planet.}
David K. Miller Channels The Arcturians

"Shalom, Shalom, Shalom and Greetings. I am Juliano, and we are the Arcturians. This is a time of great importance, and it is a time when collaboration has a powerful influence on “The Work.” 

It is true that many of the Star Seeds like your selves have opened up to your Soul Mission and Soul Light. However, it is also true that we need to develop ways of using more powerful group interventions on the planet and within the consciousness of the planet.

This is the time in which the consciousness of man is uniquely intertwined with the development and energy field of the Earth. This is the time when the entire outcome of the planet is dependent upon what humanity does.

If humanity makes the wrong choices, then the whole biosphere with all of the plants and animals can take a very downward turn. We are at a point of awakening, and there are many people eager for your leadership.

There are also many people who are eager for directions on how to proceed. It appears that those who are waiting are eager to hear the right direction, the right outcome, and the right way to shift this planetary energy.

Our mission has been to activate and to direct without interfering in the planetary process, which is the process of raising the spiritual life quotient. Our main task is to answer the question, which we are sure you have asked yourself.

This question is, “What is the best method for manifesting the fifth-dimensional energy and Light into a positive outcome, and into a positive effect on the planetary situation?”

This question is something that we, the Arcturians, have been studying in our galactic travels. Because, as you know, there have been other planets at this point who have struggled with this conflict.

The conflict to which we refer is the conflict of technology vs. spiritual wisdom. It has been observed that this issue is not always favorably resolved. In fact, some planets have collapsed. Some planets have not successfully resolved this conflict and moved on to the next stage of planetary development.

Hence, our mission and our task is to see what gatherings, what group interactions, what strengths a planet has that will ensure that the connections with the fifth-dimension will, in fact, produce the necessary healing and unity within the Earth.

Now, it is true, as you have said, that this planet is multi-diverse, which is a plus in many ways because of the Spiritual Freedom and the Free Will Choices.  

But, the downside of this multi-diversity is that it becomes more complicated, and difficult, to bring humanity together in unity. Look at how many different individual groups there are.  

Look at how many different religions, and how many different languages
there are. This, it is just an indication of the complexity that exists. And, this is also true in the spiritual groups and the fifth-dimensional, multi-dimensional groups. We have found many different groups who have various nuances and
various focuses.

And so, we the Arcturians, say, “Why is it that these groups have NOT come together? Is this a reflection of the symptoms of the diversity and polarization that is also present?" If so, we would think that with all the diversities, and all of the differentness, that the spiritual groups would be leaders. And why?  

The answer is very simple. This planet has a history of misuse of spiritual leadership and spiritual groups. There have been countless times where the spiritual leadership has been misused for ego purposes and domination.

So, even at this point, which we would consider a “Planetary Crisis,” there is hesitancy and a resistance for groups to unite. Even though it would be for the highest good and the greatest interest for all to find a way of unity, that unity does not occur!  

Therefore, the issues of resistances must be dealt with, but we repeat, it is of great benefit to work together in Higher Light for the greater purpose of raising the Spiritual Light Quotient on this planet!

I am Juliano. I wish you good day."

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Arcturian Perspectives
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This event celebrates Arcturian unity among diversity and serves as a model for group collaboration that will accelerate humanity’s consciousness expansion and amplify unified efforts to uplift the planet.

This event is co-hosted by the following individuals:

- Co-founders of the Group of Forty, David K. Miller , Author and Channeler, and Gudrun Miller , Visionary Artist and Soul Psychologist

- Dr. Suzanne Lie , Author and Channeler,  Awakening with Suzanne Lie  and

- Shawnna Donop , Spiritual Emissary and Teacher, Let Earth Rise
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