First Day of School
Welcome back to school, HCPSS students and staff. I was honored to be a part of the First Day tradition of greeting students at Fulton Elementary, Limekiln Middle, and Reservoir High Schools. Visit my Facebook page for my opening day video on the need for relieving overcrowding and increasing the School Facilities Surcharge.
Helping Students Succeed
As we settle into the new routine, consider pitching in to help some of our District 4 schools that are asking for monetary donations through the website Donors Choose.

Here are some highlights:

Longfellow ES
Mrs. Wetmore is asking for help to purchase ukuleles for her class.

Ms. Irovando is asking for help stocking the classroom library.

Wilde Lake Middle School
Mr. Silber is asking for footwear for the upcoming cross-country season.

Mr. Vassallo is asking for general school supplies ranging from markers to colored pencils.

Wilde Lake High School
Ms. Chav is asking for flexible seating, pencils, and more.
School Facilities Surcharge

The Council will be holding a public hearing on September 16, 7pm, at the George Howard Building in Ellicott City. CB42 raises the fee imposed on new residential units to $6.80; this revenue will go towards school construction and will help alleviate the system's overcrowding crisis.
Hunger Action Month
September is Hunger Action Month and the Howard County Food Bank is asking for help. 
  • Check out this list of the most needed food items. 
  • Volunteer at the Food Bank and/or the community garden. 
  • Partner with the Food Bank if you're a retail and hospitality business. 
  • Visit the food assistance page on the Community Action Council website for more options.
Entering the School Zones
Slow down, buckle up, and strap in those kiddos.

Helping Arriving Students Through Enforcement (H.A.S.T.E.) is a countywide initiative by the Howard County Police Department that steps up traffic patrols during the first two weeks of school. The Department enforces school-zone speed limits as well as seat-belt and child-safety seat use. Speed cameras will also be rotated throughout the county in school zones. 
Parenting 101
Howard County Office of Children and Families is offering the following parenting classes starting in mid-Septmember. Click here for more information.
  • Strengthening Families Parent Café
  • Family First Series, including sessions covering brain building, keeping kids healthy and happy, keeping kids safe, discipline and communication, behavior basics.