Special Bulletin:

Municipalities Must Register Through Portal to Receive Federal Funding From SB 310
In order to receive federal funding from the CARES Act through SB 310, local governments must register through the Office of Budget and Management's (OBM) updated grants portal.
Municipalities will not be able to receive any CARES Act funding unless they register through this portal. Additionally, municipalities must pass a resolution regarding how the funds will be spent. You can find a sample resolution HERE.
Late on Friday, OBM released information on the procedure for accepting registrations from counties, cities, villages, and townships for Coronavirus Relief Funding so that funds can be quickly disbursed after SB 310 is enacted. The registration portal can be found at https://grants.ohio.gov/fundingopportunities.aspx. Note that each jurisdiction will need a DUNS number to complete the registration. Directions for obtaining a DUNS number along with how to register it in the federal SAM is located at https://grants.ohio.gov/helpfulresources.aspx#helpful-resources-DUNS-SAM-registration.
We encourage our municipalities to register immediately in order to receive federal funding quickly after SB 310 is signed by the Governor. Local governments can only access CARES Act funds until October and all unused funds must be returned to the U.S. Treasury.
While the CRF disbursements for cities, villages, and townships will flow from the state through county auditors, OBM considers each local government to be a subrecipient of the state and will structure reporting and monitoring that way; therefore, OBM needs to collect this contact information and have attempted to create a process that is streamlined and easy to use.
In addition, OBM has developed a 42-minute training to provide an overview of grants management for those who are new to managing federal grant funds or for those who would like a refresher. That training can be found at https://grants.ohio.gov/helpfulresources.aspx#helpful-resources-citizen-grant-training. If you would like to maintain a record of your training, you can register through the Ohio Learn system; if you do not need to maintain a record, you can view the training online through YouTube by clicking the direct link.
Please contact the Ohio Grants Partnership team at OBM at grants@obm.ohio.gov with questions.