Special Bulletin:

FRA Announces Proposed Rule Making
Minimum Train Crew Size!
The Federal Railroad Administration has issued the following Press Release as of 7/27/2022. RWU encourages all railroad workers to read and understand its implications, then make a public comment. See the full Press Release, RWU's response, the full NPRM, how to make your Public Comment, and more below!
FRA Issues Proposed Rule to Enhance Train Safety, Codify Train Crew Size Requirements
To enhance safety, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) today announced a proposed rule requiring a minimum of two train crewmembers for over-the-road railroad operations, with some exceptions for certain low risk operations and circumstances where mitigating measures are in place to protect railroad employees, the public, and the environment. 
“For the past few years, our rail workers have worked hard to keep people and goods moving on our nation’s railroads, despite a global pandemic and supply chain challenges,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “This proposed rule will improve safety for America’s rail passengers—and rail workers—across the country.”
This proposal would also enhance safety nationwide by replacing the existing patchwork of State laws regarding crew size with a uniform national standard. Without consistent guidelines, railroads may be subjected to disparate requirements in every State in which they operate, resulting in potential safety risks, operational inefficiencies, and significant costs. The NPRM also proposes requirements for the location of crewmembers on a moving train, and would prohibit the operation of some trains with fewer than two crewmembers from transporting large amounts of certain hazardous materials. The risk assessment and annual oversight requirements in the NPRM are intended to ensure that railroads fully consider and address all relevant safety factors associated with using less than two person crews.
RWU has issued a Press Release on the question of the FRA Proposed Rule Making. We encourage all rail workers to read it. Then, forward it to local media news outlets at your earliest opportunity. See below...
The Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) is ready for public inspection. It is posted in the Federal Register. See pdf below...
The FRA has opened up a 60-day Public Comment Period that runs from now until September 26th. All rail workers and family members should consider making a public comment on the question of preserving and maintaining the 2-person minimum train crew! NOTE: Docket FRA-2021-0032.  Comment below...
RWU has a line of stickers, buttons, bumper stickers, T-shirts, and yard signs promoting the two-person crew, expressing our opposition to single person train crews. Check out the Store below!
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