August 2019  Edition

Dear Beloved,

Welcome to our Bumper August Newsletter coming out now, in September. For those who wondered why they didn't get this edition earlier, we decided to wait to the end of the conferences to give you a total picture of all that happened.

Yes, it was a real marathon.....One Kingdom Conference.....three cities...! The Kingdom Invasion Conference train came to town.

We began in Abuja (26th - 27th August); then to Lagos (30th - 31st August); and finally to Kaduna (2nd - 3rd September).

We are still collating testimonies from so many who were healed. We celebrated lots of healings at the conference venues. Very many lives, have been transformed, souls were won for Jesus, people were awakened to the love of Jesus, and it goes on and on. Hope has been rekindled in the hearts of so many who had lost hope. We are getting reports of supernatural occurrences that happened to people during the conferences . So many got prophecies that has shifted things in their lives. Marriages have been healed and so much more. Indeed, lives have been changed for ever.

We are so grateful to our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, for all the provision, favour and blessings for the conferences. We bless God for our Guest Speakers who came from other nations to bless us. They poured their hearts so lovingly into this nation. We pray that Our Father will replenish what they poured out. For all who travelled down, from all parts of Nigeria, such as, Kano, Adamawa, Jos, Maidugiri, Langtang, Ogbomosho, Ibadan, Enugu, Portharcourt and so many more cities, we are most grateful to God for your safe trip back.

This bumper session, will not have many of our usual features because there is so much we would like to tell you about the conferences. Rather, we have gotten Dr Gubby Akerele, who is the best that we know with words, to give some sense of how Our Father invaded earth with the realities of heaven.

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Kingdom Invasion Conference 2019
Three cities - one assignment, one desire, one purpose

"Your Kingdom come on Earth......Your Kingdom invade.....Heaven come down...."
Mission Accomplished!

Where to start? How to describe? How to capture the unseen? How to convey atmosphere? How to recount experience of His Presence? How to articulate the glorious worship?
Mission Impossible!

Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna different expressions of the same Heavenly sound - you know how people can sing same song but with different harmony parts and it is beautiful to hear / behold.

Abuja was familiar and new at the same time. Same venue but new young and anointed worship leader Dunsin Oyekan was representing prophetically the multigenerational approach that Lapis Lazuli Ministries strongly believes in and is building for the advancement of the Kingdom.

Glorious worship and you know this is truly hitting that heart connection when your worship leader is prostrate on the stage. Heavy weight Bob Hazlett unveiled was anchoring first day in Abuja and set the tone that we were in for something special. An amazing prophet who speaks normally yet nuggets of gold from heaven revealed in conversational style. Such fun and he sings! "~Praise the Lord - for his mercies endureth forever~" You would have thought this was his fourth trip so well did he fit into the Lapis family of speakers. Get the DVDs and CDs lest I do him an injustice. Like all Lapis speakers he demystified the supernatural. Yes he can prophesy to individuals and the nations in a way you know that he is having a conversation with God as naturally as you would with a close friend at dinner. Yet he could also take the healing service and people are healed. All the speakers do this - modelling how you live, walk and talk,a prophetic lifestyle, be a healer whether in ministry or in market place whether to believers or non believers.
I digress!

We were describing the new - The Arayomi identical twins both Apostles and Prophets. Young (multigenerational) but OMG are they mature spiritually.Preaching and teaching with revelation you have never seen before - I call them sons of thunder. They came to shake us in Nigeria (based in Uk) They came to activate the 'now generation' of disrupters, change agents and alternatives. God is about to do a new thing- like Jesus when hearing Lazarus was ill and dying he waited. Even after Lazarus died he waited before coming so that he could show his glory. So Nigeria-we were told, the lord is waiting and waiting and then..........Are sons and daughters ready for when he comes to show his glory through them? Let us ask Leif Heitland who wants to turn us from orphans who compete to sons and daughters who complete each other. Do you see how the speakers all have very different styles but with the DNA of the Father were just pointing to him and flowing with one spirit.

Healing rooms open during the conference was a first. The healing workshops held during the year by Lapis in Lagos and Abuja paid off as committed team members saw healing. An elderly woman came hobbling in with a stick and came on stage walking tall and donated her walking stick to the healing room to use as a memory stone and to represent the many healings that happened there. This is our home grown healing team who are ordinary people who came on the course and now are bringing heaven down through a simple 5 step prayer model they have learnt, no shouting, no binding, short prayers with eyes open so they can see what the lord is doing and bless it and.... healing!!! Testimonies galore as Bob Hazlett taught "Report and Repeat" if you report the healings, the lord will do it again (repeat)

Lagos was anchored on day one by Leif Heitland the ambassador of love- God's love and father's heart revealed with a look from his piercing blue eyes that will have you flat on your back before you can say blink. He taught on honour, family and sons and daughters of the most high king. We can have plenty but we can have the orphan spirit which is why we want more and more, are competitive and restless to do because we do not know how to be or understand the hard work of rest (in Him). Tom Jones our senior speaker came with an unusual message on managing stress. A message that resonated so well with Lagosians and it was a word well received and a now word. We were taught to listen to the truth of the Holy Spirit rather than the lie of enemy whispering in our ears. Charity Cook talked about being in the middle of the story and how even though we know how the story ends (victory) it can be difficult in the middle of the story. On one of the lapis whatsapp group , someone wrote "Charity Cook broke it down to pieces!" Meaning she so nailed it. Do you get a sense of what I am trying to portray. The lord was setting up a banquet through his servants the international ministers and saying to us all come and eat. Did we feast - oh yes we did! Leif Heitland and pastor Chingtok our worship leader in Lagos doing a double act for us to "~I want to see your face, so I can know your ways and live my days, I want to see you ~" We were undone and holy tears flowed. I have not mentioned the sons of thunder in Lagos unplugged. Whooooaaa! There was an almighty shaking and rumbling when Tobi and Tomi Arayomi challenged our mindsets, our assumptions, the way we do church "Could we all possibly be partying (parroting) and not realise the wine has runout?" We were challenged, we were shown revelation after revelation that we knew were truths because our spirits recognised it as such. All of this is so we can be transformed to be change agents. To develop a Holy displeasure at the status quo and to be the new wineskins for the new wine. What can I say, you have got to get the DVDs and CDs - I cannot do justice to what we heard and saw. Oh the healing rooms , our own local inspired and now confident from Abuja were continuing to see in action what they had learnt in healing workshops. They had another walking stick as a scalp among the many testimonies - Report and Repeat.

Kaduna the grand finale. First ever Lapis conference in the City. Convened as obedience to the Lord and He showed up-Jehovah El Shaddai. A reduced international ministry team Leif and the twins but we had our very own Femi and Mina Bajomo preaching and teaching as well as a Father in the Land Evangelist Matthew Owojaiye. Remember how I said the speakers all complement each other, with theme of Father's love, his desire to heal, to speak to us and demonstration of his power. It all came together like ingredients of an amazing stew we were going to feast on till truly stuffed. Femi told his story of journey from marketplace to co-founding and co-leading Lapis Lazuli Ministries. Mina led mini corporate sozo from the front at the start so we could all let go of stuff/ baggage in order to receive. Ordinary people were activated in 'words of knowledge' for healing taught amazing well by the Bajomos and people who had never received this were able to do so once Mina had broken off fear of performance which gripped many at first. Tomi did prophetic activation in a fun exercise and we were all giving out accurate words to each other even down to names. It was hilarious when he wanted a couple of examples up front to share and he was virtually mobbed with so many excited people who had received accurate words from each other storming the stage. Hallelujah! The last evening as Leif was speaking the heavens opened with torrential rain and we could barely hear him. He felt it was a prophetic sign and asked Chingtok who was a guest worshipper that evening to sing. (incidentally worship had been wonderful throughout from the anointed worship group Love Unleashed). Chingtok started with song imploring Father to rain on us, Oh boy!!......Fast forward the conference finished with 'soaking' to worship songs. People were strewn everywhere lying flat on their faces in surrender -Unbelievable- You have to have been there. 

Heaven invaded earth that we may all as sons and daughters know how to release his kingdom here on earth through confidence in our identity, authority and power but with love as Foundation.

The next level (upgrade) of Lapis Lazuli Ministries was prophesied by the twins in Kaduna and was also birthed there. What a privilege to be part of the journey thus far and God willing to see what the exciting next phase is? There is so much more......

Dr Gubby Ayida
September 2019

Testimonies: Kingdom Invasion Conferences 2019

Kingdom Invasion Conference Abuja 2019
"I was not hearing well with the right ear for over 10 years. After prayers, headache stopped and I started hearing with the right ear" Mrs. Patience


"Healed of neck pain. For some time when I go to bed to sleep at night, the pain will just come. When the man of God said those that have neck pain should stand, I did what he asked us to and I was healed"  Mr. Ganiyu


"Healed of shoulder and back pain. It was so severe because of an accident in 1999. I was touched and the pain left me all to the glory of God"  Mr. Sunday


"Healed of clear of vision. It was myopia then I became Photophobic. I was given glasses for over 10 years. I can see without glasses and I can look into the light without squinting"  Blessing


"I can now read without my glasses after 4 years" Elisha


"I was healed of right leg pain. I couldn't lift my right leg. I can now walk with my right leg which I couldn't do before" Rev. Ben


"Healed of blurred vision. I couldn't read certain letterings and fonts before now. I can now read the smaller fonts on the Lapis Lazuli flyer" George


"I was healed of tooth pain ache" Agatha


"I was diagnosed of swelling in the right breast for over 6 months now, the pain in the left breast disappeared" Barry


"I got healed of back pain and eye pain" Blessing

Kingdom Invasion Conference Lagos 2019
"I had my left ankle sprained on Wednesday 28th August 2019. I had to use a walking stick to walk and climb the stairs. After I was prayed for, a word of knowledge came through Leif Hetland and I was healed." Mrs Alero


"My son has been diagnosed of Autism. He had behavioural inability, restlessness, little speech, never shows love and always in his world. He's had this condition since he was 2. He is 6 now. He wasn't prayed for but during the worship in the morning, he came and gave me a big, loving and sincere hug for the first time ever. I see it as a sign of Papa's affirmation that He loves Max, myself and his mom."  Mr Dika


"I've had muscular pain in my left shoulder from childhood. It has been very discomforting and painful. The pain would come and go and I couldn't relax my shoulder without feeling pain. After I was prayed for, the pains disappeared. I can now relax my shoulder without feeling pain." Chibuzor


"I've had migraine headache as result of long time cardiovascular diseases for two decades. I had a total relief after I was prayed for." Anonymous


"Healed permanently from hyperthyroidism and its effects and post-root canal treatment pain/discomfort. I felt peace and confirmation of healing after I was prayed for." Chibuzor


"I came in to the healing room with a long time waist pain, swollen body, itching body and eye issue. I got total healing after I was prayed for. The waist pain is gone. I can now read without glasses." Alice


"I've had allergic Rhinitis since birth. It was severe to the point where I could finish more than a tissue box in a night. After I was prayed for, I could perceive the air better." Anonymous


"I got prayed for Brain Cancer. After I was prayed for, I felt a movement in my right arm that was not moving before. My paralysed hand came to life after the prayers." Oduniyi

Kingdom Invasion Conference Kaduna 2019
"A painful growth in my upper right hand since 2015 disappeared completely after prayer" Mrs. Balahat


"As the word of knowledge came my spirit was lifted, the itching pains underneath my right feet ceased"  Mrs. Moses


"Today being the 2nd of September was my birthday and I thank God for making this program as a birthday gift and for the prayers. I have a light heart from heaven. As a result of the prayer I feel refreshed and was able to let go of everyone who have hurt me in anyway" Abraham


"Pastor Tomi declared that someone with an eye infection is being healed. The eye problem was serious for about two weeks. The eye problem disappeared after prayer" Emmanuel


"I was healed of cervical spondylosis and shoulder pain of over 1 year. I was able to swing my right arm for over twenty times" Comfort

May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve us all.

God's blessings,

Femi and Mina Bajomo

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