For the  parents and families of St. Therese Chinese Catholic School

It was a great week at St. Therese! We celebrated Catholic education all week long with mass, Spelling Bees, Curriculum Fairs, and even our very first Catholic Bowl!  We are excited to share some of the highlights - and be sure to check out the school website for more photos from the fun week. 
National Junior Honor Society Inducted
Congratulations to 2017-18 National Junior Honor Society Members: 
Kyle Lee
Caitlyn Li
Michelle Liang
Sofia Mark
Cameran Moy
Nancy Zhao

In order to qualify for the National Junior Honor Society, students must demonstrate excellent Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. This includes maintaining Honor Roll status each trimester, exhibiting strong leadership skills through service to St. Therese, meeting and exceeding requirements to serve their school, church and community, and demonstrating exemplary citizenship and conduct in school and at all school and/or church events. Congratulations to our six new NJHS members!
Annual Spelling Bee Was Exciting to the End

This year's Annual Spelling Bee illustrated great competition that brought out the best in our top spellers! We started with classroom Spelling Bees and those winners advanced to the Junior Bee and Middle School Bee. It was an exciting finish after many nail-biting rounds. Our Overall Champion Cameran Moy will advance to the Local Area Chicago Collaborative Spelling Bee on Friday, March 2. Good Luck Cameran!
Spelling Bee Winners:   
6th grader Amelia Wong (3rd Place), 8th grader Cameran Moy (Overall Champion), and 7th grader  Justin Zhen (2nd Place)
Junior Bee Winners: 
4th grader Avram Filipiak (3rd Place), 1st grader  Aaron Huie (1st Place) and 4th grader Izabella Jiang (2nd Place)
2017-2018 Chi Alpha Mu Chapter Inducted

Congratulations to the 2017-18 Members of the Chi Alpha Mu National Junior Mathematics Club! 
8th Grade
Jasmine Lee
Kyle Lee
Caitlyn Li
Michelle Liang
Sofia Mark
Cameran Moy
Nick Wu
Nancy Zhao
7th Grade
Ephraim Balogun
Jacquelline Del Raso
Alma Gyabin
Lucy Harley
Caitlyn Lee
Mathew Schiml
Jing Feng (Krystal) Xu
Justin Zhen

Chi Alpha Mu, which stands for Creative Adventures in Mathematics, is the National Junior Mathematics Club for Middle and Junior High Schools.  After the first trimester, s tudents in 7th and 8th grades may apply for membership to Chi Alpha Mu Mathematics Honor Society. Students are selected based on Academic Scholarship: being on the Principal's Honor Roll in Math and having a B+ or above in all other subjects for the first trimester with no marks below a 3 in Effort, Participation and Citizenship. Students must maintain this good academic standing to remain eligible for membership. Students also must show Character and Citizenship - they must have no major disciplinary infractions, and must continue to demonstrate behavior that embodies honorable conduct and good citizenship.  Students are also required to have the endorsement and recommendation of at least three teachers. Congratulations to the new Chi Alpha Mu members!
Handwriting Contest Winners Announced

Our 2017-18 Handwriting Contest once again brought out the best! We awarded prizes to the top three winners for each grade level and th 1st place winners for each grade will be entered into the National Handwriting Contest! 
Pictured above are the 1st place winners for each grade

Handwriting Contest Winners
Kindergarten :  1st Jeannie Ng,  2nd  Katie Chen, 3rd  Jasmine Tamayo
Grade 1: 1st  David Li, 2nd  Sabrina Chen, 3rd  Calvin Li
Grade 2: 1st  Serena Chueh, 2nd  Lavina Cheung, 3rd Bowen Tao
Grade 3:  1st  Ana Yuen, 2nd  Ella Leung, 3rd  Jocelyn Lin
Grade 4: 1st  Christina Lee, 2nd  Vivian Kusnoto, 3rd  Izabella Jiang
Grade 5: 1st  Fiona Lin, 2nd  Connie Tan, 3rd  Aliyah Dioquino
Grade 6: 1st  Madison Chan, 2nd  Hailan Yu, 3rd  Martin Moy
Grade 7: 1st  Chris Deng, 2nd  Jacquelline DelRaso, 3rd  Caitlyn Lee
Grade 8: 1st  Sofia Mark, 2nd  Michelle Liang, 3rd  Nancy Zhao

CONGRATULATIONS and good luck to those who are moving on to the next level!
Scholastic Book Fair Continues Online Through February 8th
Our Scholastic Book Fair was a HUGE success! The energy, participation and enthusiasm from the children were priceless. It was heart warming to see how excited the children were at the book previewing day and today at the book fair. The entire school, staff and children were anxiously awaiting to buy books. 
For those who attended the book fair, we only had a few copies onsite as samples and to purchase. There were popular books that sold out quickly. However, don't worry - this book fair is not over! You can continue to buy more items online until February 8th by clicking on this link to access our school order site. When you order using this link, all of the proceeds go back to the school. You can use the same login as you do when ordering from your homeroom; you can create a login if you do not have one. 

A special thank you goes to all of the parents who volunteered to help set up and manage the sale! This is a great opportunity for students to be encouraged to read while the school raises some funds.

St. Therese Participates in 2018 City Science Fair 
and Sends 16 Students Regionals!

Once again, St. Therese students showed their talent and dedication through their 2018 Science Fair Projects. Students displayed their posters and presented their findings to fellow students and parents during the Curriculum Fair. There was a wide range of interesting projects.

After competing in the City Science Fair, we are excited to share that the following 8th grade students will now move on to the Regional Science Fair:

Paper AND Poster
Cameran Moy
Sofia Mark
Jacob Seid
Michelle Liang
Nancy Zhao
Tiffany Chen 

Paper Only
Alina Fang
Dylan Tao
Lauren Leung

Poster Only
Caitlyn Li
Jasmine Lee
Nick Wu
Dylan Mark
Campbell Culen
Soleil Reyes
Samantha Chen

2018 Geography Bee a Great Success
Seventeen 5th-8th graders competed in the annual Geography Bee, sponsored by National Geographic. All contestants worked through 5 preliminary rounds, answering challenging and informative questions. The top five point scorers in the prelims competed in the 2nd round, answering three questions each, leading to the Championship Round where 5th grader Emily Kreider narrowly defeated 7th grader Ephraim Balogun for the school championship! 6th grader Xahil Gonzalez was able to hold off two other contestants for 3rd place. 

Emily will now take an online test in order to determine whether she will qualify for the state-level Geography Bee in a few months.  Congratulations to all competitors and especially to Emily, Ephraim, and Xahil for their accomplishments!
Students Shine in Early Childhood Curriculum Fair
Our early childhood students joined in the Curriculum Fair, sharing with parents and fellow students some very interesting projects! Pre-K students shared their Family Dinner Projects; Junior Kindergarten students shared their dreams for what they wanted to be when they grow up; Kindergarten projects featured All About Me books created by each student; and our 1st graders dressed up as Famous Americans and presented interesting facts about people from Jackie Robinson, Thomas Jefferson, Amelia Earhart, and Simone Biles.  

Students Explore, Learn and Share During Curriculum Fair
Students proudly show the covers of the "fractured fairy tales" they created.
Students present research on Greek and Roman gods and goddesses.
Fellow students find the presentations on Topics in Math interesting.
During the Curriculum Fair  students were able to view various science fair exhibits and vote for their favorite project. Congratulations to 2018 Crowd Favorite Chad Gyabin (8th) and Justin Mei (8th)!

Students present some interesting projects on US States. 
First St. Therese Catholic Bowl a Success

During the school's first-ever Catholic Bowl, 10 teams of students and teachers competed to see who had the best knowledge of our Catholic faith. Teams created their own names - including "The CIA (Christians In Action)", "The Five Apostles" and "The Martyrs." After a grueling first round, five teams moved on to the final round where "The Martyrs" were the ultimate victors. Congratulations to all participants - it was truly entertaining!
"The Martyrs" win the first-ever St. Therese Catholic Bowl.
A team ponders the answer to another tough question.
Mr. Flip serves as emcee.
Teams discussing possible answers.
Girls' Varsity Volleyball Team achieves the best season in 
St. Therese Sports History! 
After a successful season, our girls' Varsity Volleyball Team advanced to the Championship Game of the McGuane Park Volleyball League on January 29th. Backed by a large group of St. Therese supporters all wearing red, the girls played an outstanding match against an undefeated Mark Sheridan Academy. The match featured a very close first game and a tough loss in the second game. Throughout, the girls never gave up and played the entire match at a very high level, earning their 2nd place finish.  This 2nd place finish in a very competitive league assured St. Therese its best finish since the 2007-08 season.  The team has also fared very well in the very competitive Taylor-Lauridson Park League, making the playoffs in that league as well. 

The level of powerful serves and overall volleyball skill level displayed by this year's team represented the highest level ever produced by a St. Therese Volleyball team.  Congratulations to Head Coach Ms. Jessica Stofko and Assistant Coach Gary Lee for coaching the girls to an outstanding season!!
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