“Everyone who lives outside of America, their dream is to come here, and now I know what that dream means," says Stani Hajbi '23. "I started a new life. We did it: We’re living the reality. Nothing is impossible here.”
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Nearly 900 doctoral and master’s degree graduates in the William Paterson University Class of 2023 were celebrated for attaining their advanced degrees during two Graduate Commencement ceremonies on May 18 in the Sports and Recreation Center on campus.
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Thanks to his degree, Siragusa is now serving students in West Essex Regional High School in a different capacity. "My advice to adult students is that it's never too late to want to better yourself," he says.
“There were a lot of sleepless nights after coming back from work, and then my children’s soccer practices, games, extracurricular activities, and I would sometimes sit down after midnight, 1 a.m. or 2 a.m., to start my schoolwork," explains Sylvie Oyinkolade, DNP '23.
Joe Monroig, Jimmy Patton, and Anthony Walker started their new roles in TV production in mid-May, before they even walked across the Class of 2023 Commencement stage.
Roberts conducted laboratory research on campus that advances our understanding of mental disorderswork that has been recognized by the International Drug Research Society. She credits the support of faculty mentors and is now inspired to become a mentor herself.
Though she might be nearing the age of retirement, Bermudez wants to continue climbing the corporate ladder and sees a college degree as her ticket to moving up.