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November 2012

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For those of you who have the Halloween blues:



Don't forget laughter in mindfulness! The human condition is often hilariously humorous and funny!  What a gas! 


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This coming Saturday, November 3, 2012, 3pm-5pm:  


There is no greater gift and privilege than to feel felt by another person. Unfortunately, so many relationships lack this most fundamental ingredient so important for health.


As we saw in the first lecture, our educational system is literally upside down and fosters exactly those brain activities the young child is not wired for. It is tragic how through childhood our brain gets caged to an extent that is very difficult to undo as adults. This results in an inability to deeply listen both to others and one's self. By not being able to listen to the faint whispers of one's body and soul, our whole attitude towards illness and health gets skewed towards the cold facts of biology and we miss the healing power of the mind.


In this lecture we explore the building blocks of deep relating. They include the disarming power of presence, the empathic connection of attunement, the vibrant engagement of resonance, the safe refuge of trust and the healing revelation of truth. Each building block can be consciously honed to help us develop the capacity for deep listening and healing intimacy. We will also see how a freed brain approaches health and illness in a very different way.


The blog section in my website has been updated and expanded to feature all the writings that are scattered in Twitter, Facebook and my mailings to subscribers.   


In one of the groups of the Mindsight Intensives Mirinda told us a hilarious story:

She recently met a woman who spent some time meditating in a Chinese Buddhist monastery. She noticed how every monk has a cell phone. Before entering the meditation hall they all turn their cell phones off, and as soon as the formal meditation practice is over, they all rush out to turn their cell phones back on ... :)  

Meditation and cell phone  
A toast to Nintendo consciousness!  

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