Dear Members of Pax Christi,

The founding of a parish marks a unique time in an area's history that is forever changed by not only the presence of space to gather, celebrate, honor, and pray about the journey of faith with others called to worship in place and time, but it also is a singular and defining moment in the life of the first person who pastors that congregation. In 1981, Fr. Tim Power answered the call to lead the members as pastor of the newly-formed faith community called Pax Christi Catholic Community. I am saddened to inform you that Fr. Tim has passed on to the new life of eternity as he took his last breath on earth, Wednesday, September 21, 2016.

When I first came to Pax Christi, as many of you have, to "check it out" on one of my excursions back to my roots in Minnesota, I remember Fr. Tim's homily that day, as if was yesterday, about the "dash" between our birth and death. During that time, before the days of the internet, there was an essay floating around of a person who reflected on the reality that the story of our lives was told between the "dash," between the beginning and end of life, with the question of what we make of the "dash," of life in between, which is ours to choose. Fr. Tim added a breadth to that parable and looked at the other punctuation marks in our lives: the question marks when we needed to pause and ask the deeper questions of life, the exclamation points that identified the joy and gladness we bring to the Christian conversation, the commas that taught us to pause and reflect on what we have been given. We know that Fr. Tim was a great source of wisdom, of gentleness, of passion for seeing the good in others, equipped with a hunger for justice, a vision of a church being less than clerical and led by lay leaders as passionate for the gospel as he was, a risk-taker in all of that in founding the parish we know as Pax Christi. He lived life fully between the "dash." He will be forever missed.

Funeral arrangements are pending. Please check our website at  www.paxchristi.com/funerals for complete details once they have been finalized.

Rest in peace, dear Tim!


Jane Schmitz
Parish Director  

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