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Come celebrate the 4th Sunday after Pentecost at both the 9:30 am Traditional and 11:00 am Contemporary Services!

Sunday, 10:45 am, in the lobby
All are invited to hear a report from the Nominating Team

Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,

This summer our children, youth and adult leaders will be engaged in some great experiences. As I write, our Habitat for Humanity crew is finishing up work on a house in Salem County, NJ. In just over a week, RENEW VBS comes to Ark and Dove, July 9-13, and people of all ages will be engaged in loving the good earth God gave us. (By the way, please register and volunteer!) Then, 28 youth and youth leaders are off to West Virginia for the GenOn Youth Summit. At the beginning of August, over a dozen of us will be participating in mission experiences in Baltimore.

If you are not attending one or any of these trips, I have a challenge for you. Take the time and ask a participant of these trips and experiences to tell you about them. What did our Habitat crew work on? What were their devotions about? What did you learn at VBS? Did you meet any new friends? What was the theme of Summit? How did it impact you? What did you experience in Baltimore? Will it change how you live here?
While these summer experiences are fun, they are intended to have an impact. The things our children, youth, and adults will experience this summer have an influence on us. Thank you to all who support these summer opportunities. They renew us every year.

Pastor Jon  


 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen...By faith Abraham, when put to the test, offered up Isaac. He who had received the promises was ready to offer up his only son, of whom he had been told, 'It is through Isaac that descendants shall be named for you.' He considered the fact that God is able even to raise someone from the dead-and figuratively speaking, he did receive him back. - selections from Hebrews 11

To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.
O my God, in you I trust;
    do not let me be put to shame;
    do not let my enemies exult over me.
Make me to know your ways, O Lord;
    teach me your paths.
Lead me in your truth, and teach me,
    for you are the God of my salvation;
    for you I wait all day long.
Be mindful of your mercy, O Lord, and of your steadfast love,
    for they have been from of old.
He leads the humble in what is right,
    and teaches the humble his way.
 All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness,
    for those who keep his covenant and his decrees.
Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted.
Relieve the troubles of my heart,
    and bring me out of my distress.
Consider my affliction and my trouble,
    and forgive all my sins. Amen.
- selections from Psalm 25 

If you are able to help the Deacons with transitioning the church sanctuary, lobby and Marshall Room between three events on,
Saturday, July 8, 2 pm, please contact Cathy Debus, cathy.debus@gmail.com. Thank you!

Many opportunities await you!

I am looking forward to returning this Sunday after a blissful two-week vacation! It was surprisingly relaxing, even with a 2 1/2 year old in tow! Special thanks to Christina Nelson for filling in for me while I was away!   
I have not yet had the chance to brag about the kids and their summer musical! Wow! They were so great! I know that many of you were able to be there and see them. I think it was a really special way to worship, and I'm so proud of them for leading that service. Thank you, especially, to Christa Kronser for her patience and excellent directing, and to Paula Sparks for her always-excellent accompanying. You all rock!


I want to give a special thank you to each and every band member who put a lot of time, dedication, and thoughtfulness into the "United We Stand" project this past Sunday.  It was so wonderful to hear your voices both figuratively and literally, and to see in part why each of you puts so much positive energy towards our congregation!  I am also glad that the cantata could be on a Single Service to see so many new and smiling faces!  If you were not able to be in service on Sunday, here is the list of songs that we did, just to brighten your Friday!

Ceasefire by For King & Country  
Never Walk Alone by Rend Collective   

We Are One by One City Harmonic

With One Voice by Matt Redman and Steven Curtis Chapman 

More Heart, Less Attack by NeedtoBreathe  

All The People Said Amen by Matt Maher 

God bless,

Vacation Bible School for Youth and Adults

RENEW! The Green VBS is coming to Ark and Dove July 9 through July 13, in the evenings.   Register NOW! Please bring all donated items to the church by Friday, July 7th. We will decorate the church on Friday, July 7th, 5:30. Any and all help is much appreciated!  Ready to take part? Please contact Pastor Jon (jgnelson1985@gmail.com) or Christina Nelson (christinajoy87@gmail.com) if you are interested.

VBS is not only for children and youth! Adults also will study "Renew!" From July 9-13, 6 pm to 8:15 pm, we will host an interactive discussion on creation care. We will follow J. Matthew Sleeth's video series, "Serving God, Saving the Planet." We also hope to finish the week by starting a garden that supports our mission opportunities, such as Winter Relief and CAP. Sign up now! Pastor Jon ( jgnelson1985@gmail.com).

TRANSFORMATIONS: A Great Start Towards Our Goal! Thank you to everyone who submitted pledges last week in support of Transformations.  We received 29 pledges totaling over $111 thousand dollars for the three year campaign.  That puts us over 20% towards our eventual goal of $475-500 thousand dollars.  If you were not able to submit your pledge last week, please feel free to add it to the offering this week.  The closer we get to our goal, the sooner our dreams to transform Ark and Dove can become a reality. Questions? Please contact Steve Debus, steven.debus89@gmail.com.
Healing through Grief

GRIEF MINISTRY About four or five times a year professional counselor, Linnie Girdner and Pastor Tim gather with people who are experiencing grief in their lives due to the death of a loved one. Healing through Grief Ministry will meet on Wednesday, July 5, 7 - 8:15 pm in the Ark and Dove Room. Anyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved family member or dear friend, no matter how recent or long ago, is invited to attend. We like to say that there is no right way to grieve. The way you are grieving is your path. We do find solace in hearing the stories of others. No sign up needed, though it is appreciated. Drinks will be provided. For more information contact Linnie Girdner at 410-999-7892 or lkgirdner@comcast.net.

Summer Book Club


What does it mean to be human? Look no further than the ancient poems, letters, and stories of the Bible, says Rob Bell. Bell, a New York Times Bestselling author, speaker, and podcaster, takes an unconventional approach to the Bible. Bell is engaging and will help us rethink our assumptions about Scripture. Pick up or download a copy of his new book What is the Bible? wherever you find books, and we will meet to discuss on July 27 at 7 pm. Contact Pastor Jon with any questions ( jgnelson1985@gmail.com). 
Say Cheese! 

CHURCH PHOTO DIRECTORY Sign up HERE to get your church photo directory pictures taken! One more session left, Friday, July 7thWe want everyone to be included, so please sign up now. We are asking for a $10 donation to help with the cost of printing the directory. You will receive a printed copy, and we will provide a digital copy of the family picture for your use. We also have a second link to sign-up to volunteer during our picture days. Questions? Please contact Julia Kirby, maybe_soon98@yahoo.com or Ryan Stavely, ryan@stavely.org.    

CO-ED BABY SHOWER FOR THE SOLANO FAMILY Celebrate the newest arrival for Ark and Dove's Refugee Assistance Family, the Solanos, with a co-ed family celebration designed to make the family feel welcomed, while preparing for its newest member, and helping them stock up on needed baby items and essentials. Please join us Saturday, July 8th, 11:30 am to 2:00 pm at Ark and Dove for a family-friendly, co-ed baby shower. View details and RSVP at http://evite.me/ESjT4vGWbB
If you cannot attend, but have gently-used baby items you'd like to donate OR would like to help the family by purchasing something on their registry list, visit http://popchurch.org/sheet/solano-nestor-baby-shower/ for details and the sign-up form ( Prince of Peace member Lillian Von Rompay has volunteered to help with this project). Kindly drop off items in Calvin Room beginning this Sunday. Questions? Please contact Laura Willoughby Perry at 410-507-7129 or laura@laurajanewilloughby.com.

CAP WEST COUNTY FOOD PANTRY Featured item for July is CANNED FISH (salmon, tuna in water, sardines, etc.) Please drop off food items in the Mission Zone bin. Thank you for your donations!        
In Memory of Christopher Gipson, July 1, 9:00am - 2:30pm. Bloodmobile, 1567 Sappington Station Rd, Gambrills, MD 21054. Please go to www.redcrossblood.org and use sponsor code: macedoniaumc or contact Cynthia Gipson at 410-793-0621 or cdg1cdg2@aol.com to schedule your lifesaving donation!   
Salam Neighbor Movie Screening

ANTI-RACISM AND SOCIAL EQUITY Millions who flee war and persecution in their homeland end up in camps, often for years, unable to integrate into the new country, to earn a living, or to give their children a decent education. Imagine what that would be like for your family. We are asked to do unto others as we would like done to us.  The problem seems enormous, but we are already given guidance. We are called to welcome the stranger. Sunday, July 16th, 6:00pm, we will show the award winning documentary, Salam Neighbor, which provides an intimate look into a Syrian camp in Jordan. Please join us in the conversation!  Linnie Girdner, lkgirdner@comcast.net

Fundraising for Eagle Scout Project


EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT FUNDRAISING As part of my Eagle Scout Project, I am working on part of the spiritual meander on the church grounds. The section I am working on will include a reflection circle containing a gazing ball at the end of an approximately 40' path. I will be collecting donations on August 27 and will be available to answer questions in person. Money and resources are welcome. For details please contact me at dillon.i.benson@gmail.com. Have a blessed day, Dillon Benson, dillon.i.benson@gmail.com     
MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR LILA GRACE On July 8th at 4 pm, we will have a service of witness to the resurrection for Lila Grace Ferrell, daughter of Paul and Hilary, sister to Charlotte. A reception will be held after the service in the Marshall room following the service. We would appreciate any help to make sure guests are welcomed and the sanctuary and reception are set up. Please contact Cathy Debus (cathy.debus@gmail.com) if you can help.

In lieu of flowers, the family is asking for donations to the  Lila Grace Memorial Fund via their You Caring page. The Fund will be used to establish the first Milk Bank in Maryland.  This Milk Bank will provide much needed donor breast milk to critically ill and vulnerable premature babies, reducing their susceptibility to illness and in turn saving lives. 
Prayer Concerns

PRAYER CONCERNS Please keep the following people in your prayers this week:  

PRAYER CONCERNS Please keep the following people in your prayers this week:
PRAYERS OF HEALING AND SUPPORT for Lydia Doughty; Amy Benson; Vaughn Brown; Bob Johns; Josh Ederheimer's father, Stanley; Frances Keyes; Joan Berry's son, Brian Flom; Doug Walcutt's aunt, Vicky Goodnough; Donna Anderson's mother, Martha; Joshua Anthis; Barbara Reynolds mother, Ruth Campbell; Chip Burnett; Dot Forloines and her brother Jack; Henry Duncan; Helene Marchand-Stancil, Helene's mother, Mimi; Judy Cooper's sister, Barb Eardley; Mary Benson; Ellen Makar's father, Don Erickson; Laura Willoughby's father, Norman; Pat Stanton's Aunt Evelyn; Amy Stavely's aunt; the Hoxie family; Steve and Brandi Downs; Janet Dabbs's sister, Diane Maloy; Claire Henderson's father, Walt; Denise Nooe's husband, Kevin Hood; Connie Kinnick's brother, Rick; Mary Stum's sister-in-law, Sandy; Stephen Bates and Steven Janssen; Stan Houck and Ann Hirschy; Carol and Henry Saylor; and Dick and Carol Baily.
THE LOVE AND PRAYERS OF THE CONGREGATION go out to Hilary and Paul Ferrell on the death of their infant daughter, Lila. 
THE LOVE AND PRAYERS OF THE CONGREGATION go out to the Hester family on the sudden death of Russ' cousin. 
If you have prayer concerns or blessings that you would like to share, please contact Deacon Sue Hanburger at avongypsygal@gmail.com, and she will add your concern to the prayer partners email chain.    
The church offices will be closed Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday, July 4th for Independence Day. Have a safe holiday!

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