In many ways, teaching this semester feels even more difficult than last year during emergency conditions. The pandemic continues, well laid plans are upended by sudden changes, and students and faculty alike report more stress and burnout. Some common questions arise:

What are the expectations for classroom attendance for students who are isolated due to Covid 19?

What are your options if a student won't wear a mask?

If a student reports they have been exposed to Covid, should you ask the entire class to quarantine?

These and similar questions are addressed in this document from the CTE. Flexibility and compassion remain key themes in dealing with the many challenges teaching during a pandemic.

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A five-session workshop series that explores practical methods for incorporating more active, student-centered learning in the college classroom.

As instructors we want to ensure that our students leave our classes having learned something. However, how well do we measure what was actually learned? 

Are you tired of trying to decide if a student's work should get an 90% or 94%? In this workshop, we'll explore how to implement a new kind of grading system, Specifications Grading, that keeps failure from being fatal and puts students more into the driver's seat...and with the added benefit that your grading decisions *might* become easier! 

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