The Charter Revision  Commission will be presenting the proposed  Charter Revisions to the Village Council during the  Special Council Meeting on June 15th at 7 pm in Village Hall.

We urge all residents to attend and give your feedback.

On May 4, 2015, the Palmetto Bay Village Council appointed five individuals to serve on the Charter Revision Commission. In accordance with Section 6.2 of the Village Charter, the 5-member group was tasked with the responsibility for reviewing the Village Charter and offering amendments or revisions for the Council to consider.  Members are appointed by each Councilperson, one from each of the three residential areas (or district) with the Mayor & Vice Mayor appointing Village electors at large.  Mayor Flinn also appointed Vice Mayor DuBois to serve as the non-voting Council member to the Commission.   The Village of Palmetto Bay would like to thank the following members of the Charter Revision Commission for their time and dedication throughout the charter revision process:

David Zisman (appointed by Mayor Eugene Flinn)
Patrick Fiore (appointed by Vice Mayor John DuBois)
John Quick (appointed by Councilwoman Karyn Cunningham)
Fidel Barreto (appointed by Councilman Tim Schaffer)
George Hoffman (appointed by Councilwoman Larissa Siegel Lara)
The Commission will present its recommended Charter amendments to the Village Council on Wednesday, June 15th. 

The Council suggested amendments and revisions will go before a vote of Palmetto Bay electors at the 2016 General Election.  See the proposed amendments here.