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One attendee noted, “These classes are critical to show customers and partners leadership by leaning-in and leading-forward in the future.”
Get ready now for the new Virtual Re-Opened Business World

Executive Webinar Series Available Topics include:
- Social Distancing Designed Workspaces Blueprintd Places
- Top-10 Hot Crisis-Driven Innovations & Opportunities
- Top-10 ReThink > ReGroup > ReBuild > ReBound Innovations and Opportunities
- Virtual Selling Seminar & Strategy – Critical Success Factors for The New Virtual Sales Force
- Top-10 in Virtual Events & Digital Meetings Moving Minds, Not Matter
- Top-10 Teleworking Beating Commuting and Viruses Too !
- Executive Seminar on Building an Artificial Intelligence Market & Business Validation & Leadership Professional Certification
- Understanding Software Defined Networks (SD-WAN) Executive Level
- Building a Competitive Intelligence Agency (CIA) with AI
- Top-10 Critical Concepts in Business Resiliency
- Top 10 Critical Concepts in Crisis Management Communications
- Enterprise Sales UP Market UP Margin Acceleration Presentation
- Building Strategic Customer Market Assessments

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Top-10 Coming Crisis-Driven Innovations - Webinar

Pandemics will be more frequent, intense and global as "history is only a prologue" to the future, to not prevent them much less reduce their economic, biological, climate or human impacts. Concepts like AI, machine learning and intelligent technologies are more like weather forecasts based on historical models, again not a panacea for what is coming next or even insights. From decades of research in business, economic development, terrorism and other areas, the bottom-line is, "you cannot predict, nor react fast enough, you can only direct your customers to your strategy." This really means that crisis-driven innovation much be integrated into your current and emerging business models and forecasts. This webinar will focus on key innovations and opportunities coming and a few ideas to be ready to the next one. They up to 10 sub-categories within each major category which are:
1 - Clean
2 - Green
3 - Intelligence
4 - Movement
5 - Space
6 - Place
7 - Mind
8 - Body
9 - Random
10 - Next
Additional time for discussion is available and recommended.
Evaluations from previous classes - “Getting a fresh look at how we should do rather not do social media was worth the course alone plus the ”heat map” approach was really insightful.” S.R. CMO. “You think you know everything and are really ready but you are just a fool in the dark. This seminar amped up our readiness.” R.E. CM. “After Boeing, Covid19 every CMO and CEO should get this for their company.” R.R. CMO
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This executive keynote presentation is focuses on responding to critical crisis communications conditions. The world by all standards is not more stable but is actually significantly more vulnerable due to sabotage, espionage, and crises of all kinds. A crisis management solution is a series of online tools/apps designed to assist, guide, track and manage all corporate communications activities in a timely manner. While we would like to think there is one term to describe responses in a crisis, there is not one type of crisis nor one word to cover all situations critical to any crisis communications. Increasingly, social networks are filled with toxic nonsense, mis and disinformation, weaponized media, shamers, haters, privacy violations, fake and deep fake which you cannot predict. You cannot react to crisis’s; you can only direct a strategy to manage personal and company messaging. There are 10 reasons for acquiring and using a crisis management team as well as tools/apps as it is "not if but only when" a crisis, disaster or terrorist attack will happen. 
The Top 10 Critical Crisis Concepts are: Communications, Context, Contact, Collaboration, Connections, Consistency, Channels, Compliance, Cynchronicity and Customers. This seminar will review, navigate and provide actionable tools to help you manage the upcoming crisis coming to you and your business. 
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Here are a few reviews of the presentation:
“Getting a fresh look at how we should do rather not do social media was worth the course alone plus the ”heat map” approach was really insightful.” S.R. CMO  
“You think you know everything and are really ready but you are just a fool in the dark. This seminar amped up our readiness.” R.E. CMO  
After Boeing, Coronavirus every CMO and CEO should get this for their company.” R.R. CMO
Top-10 Teleworking Beating Commuting and Any-Virus Too !

1 - Driving factors for not driving at all - costs, health, productivity
2 - Virtual office - anywhere-anytime
3 - Flextime goes flexplace
4 - People issues in the office or anywhere
5 - Digital transformation changing jobs - any job can do some telework
6 - Why telework fails and the darkside
7 - Converging and emerging communications technologies
8 - Management and cost analysis
9 - Getting the home really telework ready
10 - Future global and local issues and options
Tom Cross is seriously one of the great thought leaders of our era. Having written more than 1,000 articles on the widest range of technology, applications and business leadership, he has helped 100s of companies accelerate their performance and succeed in their pursuits. He is a superb strategist and thinker with the ability to design and deliver on marketing, product development and channel management. I also strong recommend him for his work ethic and leadership skills."
Evan Kirstel Social Media Expert
Becoming a global social media influencer and thought leader in the technology industry demands a rare mix of communication and marketing expertise combined with broad and deep technical experience. Tom is a thought leader in both B2B IT and B2C application solutions. He has content development and delivery skills across a wide range of technologies including AI, social media, social selling, mobile apps, IoT, IoMT, network security, blockchain, machine learning and quantum computing. He has a unique ability to translate complicated technologies and opportunities into actionable insights for business leaders from the C-level to the floor-level. If you need help generating and communicating compelling stories about your technology products and services, I recommend you contact Tom. He will challenge you to think differently and act differently in how you communicate the value of your solutions to customers, partners and markets.”
Roger Toennis – Senior Director Gartner - Retired
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