Dear Members, Partners and Community at large,

“I hope that this message finds you well and healthy”. Such an opening might
have seemed superfluous just a few weeks ago, today these words take on a
special significance. 

During these extraordinary times, where we are reminded on a daily basis of
the great tragedies happening both on a global, national and at an individual
level, the need to find solace in the community becomes ever more important.
Staying in contact with friends and family, going out for a coffee or walking the
dog are essentials to any complete life. Thanks to the wonders of technology,
we are grateful to be able to continue to reach out to you from the safety of
our own homes. With these new means, one may now be overwhelmed with
too many webinars, video conferences and Zoom meetings of every kind.
Let’s take a rest. Easter is coming this weekend. For most of us it won’t make
any difference, we are staying home. This is what we should do and this is
what is expected from us.

#Stay home today #to travel tomorrow!

We wish you and your family a Happy Easter and may the Easter Bunny, now
declared an “essential worker”, bring you hope, joy and lots of chocolates!
Stay well and healthy!

The Team at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Chamber of Commerce and Tourism
Canadian Survey On Business Conditions
In case you missed it in yesterday's Daily, we are collaborating with Statistics Canada to conduct the  Canadian Survey on Business Conditions . This comprehensive survey will measure the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian businesses and help the Government of Canada devise strategies and mechanisms to foster the survival and continuity of businesses in Canada. 

Many of our regional business and industry association partners have also launched surveys within their own markets. While we recognize the importance of regional based data, our collective focus must now turn to a comprehensive national data strategy. As the largest business association in Canada, we are in the best position to lead and coordinate this Canada-wide strategy, integrating both regional and sector based data.
If you have already completed the survey, please accept our thanks. If not, there is still time. Please click on the button below to participate in the survey.
Please click on the button below to participate in the survey.

How We're Helping Canadian Business
About Canadian Businesses and Workers Impacted by COVID-19