May 27th 2020

Dear Members, Partners and NOTL Community,
As we slowly come out of the outbreak, there is plenty to do. The Chamber and Tourism NOTL Team continues to monitor and provide updates and curated information on the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Information is always available and if you need any of the past newsletters please send an email to Nicole Cripps at
Surveys are essential tools to know the state of the economy and to be able to advocate in the right direction. Tonight we ask you again to fill the Niagara Region Survey, the deadline is Monday June 1, it will only takes a few minutes but the wealth of knowledge that we can collect is precious; it is the best mean the Region has to know where it can help.
We are going to get out of this and our destination will prevail but a “New Normal” is awaiting us and we all need to collaborate.
Be well and stay healthy
Eduardo R. Lafforgue and The Team at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Chamber of Commerce and Tourism NOTL