Dear Members, Partners and NOTL Community,

Last week a title caught my attention: “Flexibility to adapt”
“They say the key to being truly successful is planning. Meticulously laying out a plan down to every detail—leaving nothing to chance and anticipating every possible twist or turn that could present itself”. But now, thanks to a pandemic that has Destinations and the world still in its grip, anticipating twists and turns is proving to be nearly impossible and those best poised to go the distance are ones that understand—and embrace what it means to be flexible.

“Due to economic volatility, market uncertainty and fluctuating reopening plans, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances is becoming one of the most valued attributes in our industry today. The key to success is being able to shift when situations shift”. Our health and the health of our businesses rely on us getting comfortable with change—almost certainly counting on it—and adapting swiftly and nimbly when it presents its challenges.

I am not suggesting throwing planning out the window; I’m merely suggesting that we must be prepared to course-correct along the way. “Our lives have changed. Our business models have changed. For how long and how permanently, we don’t know, but our flexibility and ability to shift quickly will make for a smoother journey during the transition.”

Today we are trying something new; pedestrianizing Queen Street to allow for that much needed physical distancing. Thanks to all that have made this trial possible. Please take the survey to have your feedback.

Happy Canada Day!
Stay safe, please ware a mask!
Eduardo R. Lafforgue and the Team at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Chamber of Commerce