3.0 COVID 19 Impact on Ontario Tourism Operations Survey
Please help us build the most comprehensive picture of the very latest developments on the front-line. It's vital that we are able to monitor and feedback this information to the government.

Please note the survey will close at 8am on Monday April 6th so that we can collate and analyze the information before our weekly conference call with Minister MacLeod.

Please ensure that when sharing the survey you include the closing date prominently.

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration during this difficult time.
Read TIAO's 'Immediate Impact Management Strategy'
TIAO has this morning released its ‘Immediate Impact Management Strategy”(IIMS) for Tourism Day at Queen's Park.
TIAO’s “Immediate Impact Management Strategy” is rooted in the quantitative and qualitative data collected by TIAO from businesses on the front-line in the tourism industry.
It includes measures to halt business closures, mass lay offs, mortgage defaults and bring stability to the finances of business owners and employees during the pandemic.