Hello friends,

We have made huge strides this month to serve more local families in during the COVID-19 crisis, and the nation's right for equality for ALL.

We've always provided equal and equitable care for children, since we were formed in 1988. This fiscal year is no exception, and as it comes to a close on June 30, 2020 - we have ensured that more than 1,000 adults and children received vital personal services to raise them out of poverty, preventing the loss of their homes and finding freedom through access to therapies, medical & mobility equipment in the home, transportation and resources to make sure they will be successful-in-transition.

This week I want to highlight that it's not just women in general and single mom’s impacted by COVID-19. This dad (pictured above), with a teen and young daughter in the car, are struggling. They are Bryan’s House clients. His daughter has multiple challenges. With job-loss and a need to work from home to care for his daughter, it’s causing a lot of strain. Last week at our emergency drive thru, we were able to get them basic needs and connect dad to new resources to remain in place, with a small cushion until the next job is found. He was so humble and spoke so sweetly about his children. We were both almost in tears as we talked about the world and life. Our Case Managers are working closely with everyone to ensure they can thrive in these hard times.

Our Bryan's House 'Mighty Men' group - led by Deric Cahill (Wicked BOLD Chocolate Founder), will mentor dads later this year, and we encourage you to get involved and become a mighty man of Bryan’s House.

We will have more juicy news to share at the end of the month about some expanded partnerships in North Texas. Please scroll down for more photos and updates.

Take care,

Abigail Erickson-Torres
Weekly Emergency Drive Thru - More Than Just Food

Families receive medical supplies, baby items, talk to a Case Manager, or our Clinical Manager to ensure that they are staying connected and following budget guidelines, seeking help and staying on track while in transition to success and a new pathway - as their children with rare and varying special medical, social and emotional needs are included in care. It's a vital lifeline. Lines are still around the block each week. We serve about 200 people on average at our Wednesday drive-thru and have paid rental, utilities and more in the last 120 days to so many - thanks to our funding partners.

Don't forget to buy a raffle ticket to support these efforts here - we must keep teachers in place.

If you can donate - we need to receive pledges for a combined and whopping $225,000 in the next 15 days (you can pay your pledge in 2021 and 2022), so that we can return to regular onsite care in the Fall.

Email for a pledge form. Thank you.
Employees of the Quarter

Thank you to team members - Linda White, CFO and Barbara Armenta, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, for your amazing and creative service to our children and families during this time .