Congratulations Matthew Stoel!
Matthew recently graduated from D20 Bridges program .  Bridges is a community based transition service for students 18-21 and provides a connection between high school and the adult world.  
Peter recently graduated from  D11 transition program.  This program develops the student's plan in conjunction with the student, parent(s)/guardian and the D11 special education provider.
Zach's Place celebrated SCHOOL'S OUT by visiting Fargo's pizza for an end of school party. The kids enjoyed this social time with their peers and are ready to enjoy the summer! Thanks to a parent's donation, the cost of food and fun goodie bags were covered for all children, not just those present for the pizza party! Everyone had a blast! 

Zach's Place kids enjoying their time at Fargo's Pizza during their SCHOOL'S OUT party!

We'd like to thank Kayla, Bailey and Madyson from Skyview Middle School and Calhan High School.  They came out on a Saturday to put together craft packets for the clients at Joey's Place.  In addition, SKSF Volunteer, Misty Baker helps out weekly at the Administration offices with filing, shredding and scanning.  Their valuable volunteer time is greatly appreciated!

SKSF Volunteers, Kayla, Bailey & Madyson
SKSF Volunteer, Misty Baker

Promoting Disability Awareness in the Community

Through a generous donation by Joe and Suzie Koscove, owners of Koscove Metal in Colorado Springs, SKSF was able to purchase the Pacer Center's COUNT ME INĀ® puppets.  In dedication to this donation, SKSF has named their puppets the "Koscove Kids".  These endearing, child-size, multicultural puppets each represent children with disabilities and have proven to be effective communicators of the message of understanding and acceptance, helping to dispel fears, myths and misconceptions about persons with disabilities.  Their goals for the program are to provide an opportunity for children to explore disabilities in a comfortable learning environment, gain acceptance and foster positive attitudes for individuals with disabilities.   Read more here...
SKSF volunteers are the driving force of this program!  In order to expand the program and continue providing valuable performances, SKSF is seeking the community's help.  A group of creative volunteers are needed to lend their talents, put expression into the puppets and make them COME TO LIFE! 
For more information, come to our next puppet orientation meeting:
10:00 am | 
SKSF Administration Offices
424 W Pikes Peak Avenue, CO Springs
RSVP required to: 719-447-8983 Linda or Theresa or email  


SKSF would like to thank the Nutrition Camp School Foundation, The Marson Foundation and the Colorado Springs Health Foundation for granting awards to support SKSF's Zach's Place program. These funds will provide programming for specialized respite and child care for many families in the Pikes Peak Region. Every day we are receiving calls and referrals with requests for children to enroll in the Zach's Place program. Thanks to foundations and grantors like these, we are able to help keep families intact, employed and self sufficient.

SKSF staff member and Finance Manager, Kelly Forrester and Host Home Provider, Kay Alonzo were recognized for their outstanding work at The Arc Pikes Peak Region Building for Change Annual Dinner and Awards Celebration on May 20th at the Hotel Elegante. Awardees were selected based on votes and statements from peers.
From a statement in the evening's program, "Kelly is currently filling the roles of two people, and doing it effectively and efficiently.  Her co-workers appreciate her attention to detail, and are inspired by her dedication."
Kelly humbly states, "To be completely honest, I am not one for the spotlight at all...I'm definitely appreciative but I'm not the only one who works hard and certainly don't deserve this any more than several others do.  It's my job and I do it as best I can.  I would hope everyone does the same, not because it's a paycheck but because it's the right thing to do." She recognizes the hard work of others in the organization and appreciates the recognition.
Congrats Kelly and Kay!


Thanks  The Networking Diva Hour hosted by Janiece Carlson for promoting our upcoming events and for your great support over the years! We greatly appreciate your support of Zach's Place & promoting our mission! 

Networking Diva Hour weekly radio talk show is all about networking, business tips, info on all the Do's & Don'ts for successful job searching and getting your business promoted. International radio host and producer Janiece Carlson, connects all communities and entrepreneurs with valuable business information as well as information on events, new businesses, start-ups, showcasing all non-profits, and much more! Live every Friday Morning 10-11am MT. 

Check out The Networking Diva Hour's non-profit summer series this month featuring Linda Ellegard, SKSF Director on
Friday, June 23rd from 10:30am - 11am.

Saturday, June 17th, 2017
5:30pm - 8:30pm
Theme: Summer Fun!
Looking for a break without kids or a date night?
Zach's Place will be hosting a Parent's Night Out this month giving parents the opportunity to take a well deserved break!
Kids will enjoy a fun night packed with exciting themed activities geared to keep them entertained! Socialization is an important goal for our youth at Zach's Place at The Laurie Hillyard Family Center. We offer a unique opportunity to meet this goal.  Typically, we'll provide pizza or other meal, provide a craft activity, watch a movie and/or play games.
Registration & intake process is required for participation.  $15/child for kids of all abilities and ages 3-21.  RSVP required; call 719-329-1717 or email:
click here to print flyer


We'd like to acknowledge the following sponsors for their support
of our signature event, NIGHT OF COMEDY -

NuStar Energy
Academy Bank
RPS Healthcare
Warren Management
Moody Insurance
Colorado Automotive Restoration Services
& for the donation from
HUB International

Welcome Baleigh Boliou!
Foster Care Home Supervisor
CPA/Foster Care Program

Welcome Kelsey Horn!
Administration Support
Congratulations Pam Bramhall!
Human Resources Assistant
Congratulations David Deans!
Residential Services Coordinator

Would you consider donating to support our programs
for children and adults with disabilities?

Many low income families that utilize our programs for their loved ones are enrolled in our "ability to pay" program. Your donation helps these families with respite and daycare & YOU cover the deficit!

Place a recurring donation (deducted from your credit card or bank account monthly, quarterly or yearly) OR a one-time donation. Thank you for your generosity!