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Special E-Blast, Tuesday, December 4
Clarification of Twelve-Month FNA Requirement
Many of our provider members have requested that we provide more regulatory information in our E-Blasts. One of the questions we've been asked relates to when the twelve month Functional Needs Assessment commences. Some of the reviewers indicate that the twelve-month assessment should be performed twelve months after the move-in date, even if there has been a change of condition FNA after the move-in date.

We requested clarification from DAIL on this issue. We received the following e-mail from Janet Hall, Director of Operations and Support for DAIL:

Mr. White:
This email is in response to your request for clarification of the Department’s interpretation of 910 KAR 1:240, Section 7 (2). That regulation provides as follows:
(4) Review of Client Records. During the on-site review, the following client records shall be reviewed:
(a) A completed client functional needs assessment that shall:
1. Be completed:
a. Upon move in;
b. Once every twelve (12) months thereafter; and
c. As needed due to a change in function or condition;
We interpret this language to mean that, if a functional needs assessment is required and completed due to a “change in function or condition” of a resident, the annual assessment required thereafter by (4) 1 b, is not required until twelve (12) months from the date that last assessment is done, rather than twelve months from the “move in” date.
We hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Janet M. Hall, Director
Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Department for Aging and Independent Living
Division of Operations and Support
275 E. Main Street., 3E-E
Frankfort, KY 40621
(502) 564-6930 ext 3477
Personalized Music Workshop to be Rescheduled
Due to low response, we have decided to reschedule the "Personalized Music: It's Not Just for Recreation Anymore" workshop that was scheduled for Thursday, December 13 to sometime in 2019. We hope that offering this workshop at a later date will enable more people to attend. We appreciate your understanding!
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