Volume V Issue 1| December 2018
North Penn Special EDition
Directors Corner

After four months serving as the Director of Special Education I am excited to release my first edition of the Special EDition publication as we begin to close out 2018. These last few months have provided me an opportunity to begin to learn more about the culture, a chievements, mission, and values of the North Penn community. I have appreciated using this time to develop new relationships and partnerships with stakeholders across the district. One of my goals is to continue the efforts of engaging and sharing with the community all of the amazing work performed by our educational teams across the District in supporting our North Penn students. I also ask for your continued feedback and input by completing a survey, which will help me gather additional insight to better serve and support students and staff across the District.

This Special EDition highlights new North Penn staff team members in the department, and shares some films and articles worth a read or watch.

I wish all of our North Penn families and staff members an enjoyable, safe, and relaxing holiday break. I encourage all to find their balance between work and family during this time off. I have found myself reflecting a lot on this particular topic recently. We never know when we might find ourselves experiencing hardships and relying upon the goodwill and kindness of others. It turns out that bringing happiness to other people increases your chances of being happy, while seeking happiness for yourself decreases those chances.
Therefore, it is important that we pay it forward into the new year with positive acts of kindness and compassion to all of those around us. These acts will forge enduring bonds to brighten and enrich our working and personal lives.

Ann Marie Lucas M.Ed.
Director of Special Education

A Special Welcome to New Special Education Staff Across the District
I want to officially welcome all new professional teaching staff to the District. These team members are in new or different roles across the District. I am sure many of you have already had a chance to get to know them and appreciate the work and value/skills they bring to our school teams. Help me in officially welcoming them and click here to learn a little bit about their special strengths and gifts.

- Click here to learn more about North Penn being honored by Special Olympics as a National Unified school.

-During Inclusive Schools Wee k teams across the District celebrated equity and diversity. Check out some of the images from the week. There were also 3 teams from other Districts who came to learn more and partner with our teams around how we are promoting inclusive practices.

Showcasing Work in the Field

-The feeling of being alienated is common to all of us. All children want to play. How can we tear down the fences and other barriers that stand in the way of acceptance and inclusion? Check out this award winning short film to learn how.

-Check out this TedTALK with Shelley Moore who reminds us the importance of presuming competence.

-Filmmaker Dan Habib has created his new documentary Intelligent Lives. He also has developed a series of short films with discussion guides . How can we use these films to promote independence and positive transition outcomes for all students?
Happy Holidays From My Family to Yours!
Future Newsletter Help Wanted
One of our future newsletters will highlight the experiences of teachers and students in the classrooms demonstrating purposeful inclusive practices and opportunities for students. If you are willing to participate in having your classroom activities or opportunities showcased please sign up here.