Dear Neighbors,

Presidential elections are typically viewed as watershed moments. Outcomes not certain. The path forward not yet unveiled. Yet this election cycle has felt different from the beginning. I have never seen this individual and collective weight of heightened emotion in an election cycle and I understand each one of your concerns. This election has brought the trials and tragedies of our nation into even sharper focus during a year already marked with immeasurable uncertainty and disorder. I am here to assure you that no matter what the outcome is, I will continue to work with and serve every one of you. 

Though the nation seems to be divided more than ever, we cannot be. We cannot lose sight of our enduring and imperative mission — building a free and equitable society for all — which can only be achieved if we work together. Regardless of the election results, we have much work to do. It is only when we all unify that we can address the ongoing, and now intensifying, global pandemic while also ensuring the health of our democracy. 

So, Prince William, let us not be crippled by divisiveness. It is time to reaffirm we are #PWCStrong and showcase we are unified. Remaining #PWCStrong is how we will contribute to our nation’s pursuit of a more perfect Union and be able to breathe in the renewing sense of justice. 

In Service,
Chair Ann Wheeler