Good afternoon,
When we introduced our weekly Feel Good Friday Update back in April, it was primarily meant to be an uplifting piece that highlights some of the great “feel good” stories that have come out during the COVID-19 Crisis. Sadly, not all stories can leave us with a good feeling. There are stories that make us sad or angry or frustrated and while these are not the emotions we aspire to; they are very important to inspire real change for the better. So this edition of our Feel Good Friday won’t leave you feeling great. It shouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t use those feelings to create good in the world.
At a time when our nation is mourning the loss of more than 100,000 souls, a disproportionate number of whom are black, to the non-discriminating disease of COVID-19, America must now also mourn the brutal death of yet another African American whose life was snuffed out in a vicious act of police brutality. George Floyd’s murder will forever mark a crossroad in American history. The question before us now is, which road shall we follow?
At United Way of Delaware, we have been fighting racial inequity and injustice for the better part of a century. And while this is an extremely challenging time, we understand now more than ever that we must do more. 
  • We choose to believe in humanity.
  • We choose to believe in our community.
  • We choose to unite with our community and fight against hate, racism and injustice.
  • We choose to not be silent but to use our voices and platforms and networks to bring change.
  • We choose to work collaboratively for the greater good.
  • We choose to focus our passion, anger, and frustration on building a better community.
Will you choose to join us? Let's work together. Email me today at . If ever there was a time to stand up and be counted, now is that time. None of us can end systemic racism alone. But working together, we can harness the passion of this moment to create action that leads to lasting changes within our community and within each other.
What will you choose?

Michelle Taylor
President and CEO
United Way of Delaware