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This monthly newsletter contains information about medical cost sharing programs as well as health insurance plans offered through insurance companies that promote healthcare cost transparency. It provides information about tools designed to maintain or regain your health, articles on health and wellness, and information on complementary and integrative health. It also contains information on other cost-transparent products and services you can purchase or utilize to supplement either your medical cost sharing program or your insured health insurance plan.
John Goodman, a well-known economist and health policy expert, who is considered the “father of health savings accounts, has written an article entitled Alternatives to Obamacare that appears in the January 30 issue of Forbes Magazine .

Mr. Goodman outlines three different alternatives to Obamacare and primarily focuses on health sharing plans (also called medical cost sharing plans).

Health Excellence Plus is prominently mentioned in this portion of the article:

“However, a non-religious plan offered by  MPowering Benefits Association  assists patients with drug costs by connecting them with foreign pharmacies who sell drugs at prices paid by patients in other countries. This practice is perfectly legal so long as the patient is buying for personal use and not to resell in the U.S. market.

Unlike other plans described here, MPowering Benefits typically sells to employer groups. It helps employers meet their Obamacare mandate to provide minimum essential benefits by providing enrolees with 63 preventive services at no charge, the ability to consult with physicians 24/7 by phone and access to a “concierge desk” that helps patients connect with specialists and obtain lower prices for medical tests. This package also has a Health Savings Account component that can be used in conjunction with a health sharing plan – to pay for deductibles, maintenance drugs and other out-of-pocket costs.”

Mr. Goodman comments that the plan, which is marketed as Health Excellence Plus , is typically sold to employer groups. However, the plan is also offered to individuals on an Association basis. Individuals who become members of the MPowering Benefits Association are entitled to become members of Health Excellence Plus as a result of joining the MPowering Benefits Association and hence can purchase Health Excellence Plus on either an individual, individual and spouse, individual and child(ren), or family basis.

Association members can choose one of five different programs. The “Partially Self-Directed Program,” which Goodman is referring to above,” is the option that offers the ability to establish a health savings account. Health savings accounts can NOT be established with the traditional “Christian health sharing” programs that Goodman describes in the article.

Please call us at 561-734-3884 for additional information about Health Excellence Plus , as well as the other Obamacare alternatives described in Goodman’s article.

Read the entire article here .
About Paul Cholak
Paul Cholak is the Principal of Control Your Healthcare Costs, LLC (dba Control Your Healthcare Costs) and is an endorsed vendor of the Free Market Medical Association, which promotes transparency in healthcare costs and programs. He's also a Partner/Supporter of the Direct Primary Care Coalition, which promotes the direct primary care provider concept.

He constantly seeks to find new and innovative products that incorporate transparency and focus on reducing costs of the total healthcare bill.

He's a National Healthcare Advisor for  M Powering Benefits , a Certified Affiliate with Sedera Health, and is also appointed by insurance carriers who offer insured products that promote healthcare transparency (for example Health Indemnity insurance).

He offers or refers you to medical cost sharing and insured healthcare products on either an individual, association, or group basis, as applicable, that promote healthcare cost transparency and can result in significant overall healthcare savings to participants. He guides you through the steps of obtaining membership in the applicable program and is always available to help you both BEFORE and AFTER you've enrolled.
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