Filled with Awe in the Magical Realm
of Infinite Possibility,
I/We co-create with Source


Primordial Mothers Synchronicity Seeds


Trusting in the Source of Divine Nurturance,
a Step in Creating a Magical Life



 On April 27, 2015, a window of opportunity exists to strengthen and deepen our conscious connection to Heart Knowing and the resulting Seeding from Centeredness and to reset our resolve to TRUST. The Heart Bridge (Center)  placement of the Trinity of Kin we have been considering in past newsletters completes the Mayan Tzolkin round in the green Castle of Magic and returns to the beginning, Kin 1, Red Magnetic Dragon (Primordial Mother - keywords: Nurtures, Birth, Being)

It isn't necessary to know about or understand the Trinity of Kin premise, however, to tap into this energy, though it can be fun and enlightening to explore! (Images of the Trinity of Kin are posted at the end of this writing for those interested as well as a link to more information.)


Powering Up and Attuning

Galactic Heart - Our Hearts - Heart of Earth

Powered by a growing ability to attune ourselves to Earth Force and Cosmic Force and to Navigate from that Aligned Internal Knowing,  we have the potential to Activate the Power of Flowering in new and Magical ways, Reborn with a Deep Trust in Life.

We may be challenged now to follow the integrity of our own Deep Heart Knowing, relinquishing the need and desire for approval.  Our Magical Children call us to Accomplishing through Allowing ourselves to be Vehicles for Creation to express itself through us in whatever form that takes for each and all. Thus  we Bloom, we Grow...and have Fun along the Way!


Re-Evaluating, Reviewing, Re-Weaving,

 Renewing, Re-Storying 

The structures through which we have expressed in the past, regardless of how right they have been, may be up for review and re-evaluation,  as Saturn in Sagittarius, Guardian of the Threshold and Wise Teacher is turned within (Retrograde). A retrograde Saturn supports the internal focus to be in touch with deep Heart knowing yet also may tend toward self criticism and the reinforcing of limiting self-definitions in need of release. Saturn Retrograde Squaring Neptune in Pisces encourages the dissolving of all that no longer serves our spiritual growth and inspires the Flowering of all that illuminates form. Patience and Dedication would be gifts for this time.

We are supported by Vision, a growing Belief in Self and Each Other, our quest for Truth and our increasing ability to see the Larger Picture. We ride the updraft on the Breath of Spirit and finally See and are Seen in our own Inner Light.

Jupiter in Leo is radiant and expansive squaring the Sun and Mars in Taurus - a reminder that solidity and practicality are useful and supportive in building a grounded and solid vessel  for inspired Vision and Action.


Pioneering and Courageous Dreaming

Uranus in Aries Trine Jupiter in Leo carries the potential to harmoniously Light the fires of Inspired Individualized Heart-Centered Expression in the Service of the Greatest Good - the dancing with ease and grace within the paradox of Unity with the One and the "Separated Self"

It feels as though we are breaking new ground. No existing roadmaps to follow thus the increasing importance of a strong core self that is flexible enough to dance within rapid change and who can simultaneously slow down to the Stillness within.


The Energy of Todays Heart Portal and surrounding times leads us into the Spectral Serpent Moon of Liberation, 11th of 13 Moons - that Begins on May 2.


Questions and Contemplations

for focus on April 27, 2015


  • What is my Heart telling me now about how to work with the Truth?   Am I listening to and hearing  its deepest messages?
  • What Seeds wish to be liberated in my life into the Greater Web of Life? 
  • What endings are empowering and supporting new beginnings? 
  • What ignites Passion and brings Joy? What inspires me and prompts me to Serve through rooting in the deep rich soil of life?
  • How do I open my Heart in Unconditional Love and to the Joy in Life?
  • How do I flow with Change and Integrate the Fruits of Experience?
  • Do I allow myself (and others) the Time and Space to do what I/we know needs to be done?


On April 27th Venus in Gemini (it's soul-centered ruler-ship) is square Chiron in Pisces,  inviting us to dissolve/transmute remaining residue that may limit the ability to Love Unconditionally.  Through radical self-acceptance, and Loving ourselves and others to wholeness, a  beautiful gift of compassion and healing  is realized and expressed.


Yet Another Reset Soon

The Dreamspell Kin (1st position in the Trinity of Kin) already reset to 1, Red Magnetic Dragon, on April 4th 2015 - the same day as the Lunar Eclipse in Libra/Aries and Day 1 of the Dog Moon of Manifestation that we are now in. As you read above, April 27th marks  the reset of the Heart Bridge to Red Magnetic Dragon as well. And yet another reset is coming soon...

What a powerful time for the deepening of our ability to TRUST in the process of Life even when (and perhaps especially when) we encounter situations so different from anything we would have dreamed or expected would be happening. Can we dance the ebb and flow balancing, adjusting, re-organizing as we go?

The "New Earth Resonance" aka NER and long count pictured 3rd in the Trinity of Kin finishes its Tzolkin round and resets at Kin 1 (Red Magnetic Dragon) on May 21st, 2015 in the Spectral Serpent Moon of Liberation. This also happens to be the same day that Venus ascends through the 3rd eye Chakra Gate in her passage as Evening Star in the current 584 day Synodic Cycle . She reclaims her Visionary Power.

On May 21st Venus is conjunct the Moon in Cancer and semi -sextile Jupiter and Juno in Leo - seeming to highlight the opportunity for deep feelings of being at home in the self, thus centered and present in our relating with others;  it's a time of honoring the timeless wisdom of ancestors at the core of all experience and of reformulating/revisioning  what is necessary to meet the times and shapeshifting moments. It may be a time of expanding what 'family' truly means to us.

Are we ready and willing to push the reset button, step through the portal,  and show up as Earth Wizards, shape-shifting to meet Life in the moment in the special ways that only we can? Are we ready and willing to express the Joy and Power of New Beginnings and join together with our brothers and sisters, our extended families,  to Dance Life and Love?

Trinity of Kin phrases for this day, May 21st could be "Healer's Elegant Birth" and/or "Healer Births the Art of Living". This feels like a time of support for the embodiment and expression of the new, empowered and magical ways that we simply show up for life.  More through this lens in the Spectral Serpent Moon issue of Loominosity. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Trinity of Kin process visit Loominosity. Hover over the Dreamspell Header and find the Link titled Weaving Dreamspell and Longcount.   

Freedom's Sacred Spiral
Sacramentally Rooted I/We Stand

The Trinity of Kin (for April 27 2015) spoken about in the article are pictured above. They  are the 3 larger squares with smaller ones on all 4 sides of them. The 5 together form what is called an Oracle, aka Medicine Shield or Dream Team (my friend Mili's wonderful term) . All together they create a more complete energetic picture. More about that piece will be published on the website Loominosity soon.


The names of each of the Trinity Kin are as follows from left to right:

Dreamspell: Yellow Spectral Seed (Kin 24)

Heart Bridge: Red Magnetic Dragon (Kin 1)

New Earth Resonance: Red Electric Earth (Kin 237)


this Heart-Seed Edition Newsletter is framed in the color CORAL that the Trinity of Kin when combined create


Many Blessings of Peace and Love to All!!

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