Special Edition | March 17th, 2020
Special Edition:
Market Conditions March 17th 2020
Manning & Napier Commentary on impacts of Corona-Virus on Markets.
In the past week, numerous schools, businesses, sporting events have closed and all of these closings have an economic impact. 

What tools does the government have to counteract these impacts and what is the long-term impact on the market and portfolios?
Reasons to be Positive about the US Corona-Virus Fight.
Below is a commentary by one of our partners, First Trust, and reasons why while we must take the Corona-Virus very seriously, that if we do there is reason to feel optimistic about our chances to come through this pandemic on the right side and win this fight against the virus.
 We will be putting out more communication in the coming weeks on the Corona-Virus and its impact on the economy and the market. Please look for these updates.
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