Keynote Lecture
Dr. Nancy Speck, University of Pennsylvania, presented the keynote lecture on Hematopoietic stem cell formation from hemogenic endothelium at the Opening Session, which began with the presentations of the travel awards. Travel award recipients and presenters posed for our group photo.
Travel Awards
Congratulations to all of our Travel Award Recipients!
Above are the recipients of the Developmental Vascular Biology and Genetics Workshop Travel Awards. Dr. Victoria Bautch aided in the presentation as she read the names of the recipients. Federica Fontana was not present at the award ceremony, nor was Amber Stratman, who received a Merit Award for her Outstanding Abstract.
These award recipients received their award in the general Vascular Biology category. Drs. Cecilia Giachelli and Jan Kitajewski presented these awards. Anastasia Kyselova was not present for the ceremony.
Drs. Jessica Wagenseil and Craig Simmons, organizers of the Vascular Matrix Biology and Bioengineering Workshop, presented the travel awards in that workshop.
Celebrating 10 years!
Additional travel awards commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the Vascular Matrix Biology and Bioengineering Workshop were funded by the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, the Translational Biology & Engineering Program, the Institute for Biomaterials & Bioengineering, and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Drs. Cecilia Giachelli and Michelle Bendeck, NAVBO President and President-elect, who co-founded and co-organized the original workshop in 2007, were on hand to present these special awards.
Posters, Posters and more Posters!
Meritorious Awards
Dr. Michael A. Gimbrone, Jr., NAVBO co-founder and its first President, presented the 2017 Earl P. Benditt Award to Dr. Peter Libby and the 2017 Judah Folkman Award in Vascular Biology to Guillermo Garcia-Cardena. Dr. Babak Razani was presented the 2017 Springer Junior Investigator Award by NAVBO Past President, Jan Kitajewski.
Poster Awards
Hugh Bender (Postdoc in Vascular Matrix Biology and Bioengineering
Angela Troia (Postdoc in Vascular Biology)
Hilary Clay (Postdoc in Develop-mental Vascular Biology and Genetics)
Marco Castro (Graduate Student in Vascular Biology
Laura Gutierrez Miranda (Graduate Student in Developmental Vascular Biology and Genetics)
Charlene Watterston (Graduate Student in Developmental Vascular Biology and Genetics)
Great Discussions
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