ORMHOF headed south to celebrate the first of two great events this year  commemorating the inaugural 1000 mile Baja race in 1967. 

We started our Baja adventure at the Tijuana Bull Ring, site of the original starting line for the 1967 race. ORMHOF Inductee Marty Fiolka organized a parade of vintage cars from the Bull Ring to Ensenada. Marty was joined in the parade by fellow Inductees Sal Fish, Bruce Meyers and Ivan Stewart.
A classic Meyers Manx, getting ready for the parade from the Tijuana Bull Ring to Ensenada, commemorating 50 years of off-road racing in Baja.
ORMHOF Chairman Mark McMillin and Hall of Fame Inductee Ivan Stewart looking at pictures in Mark's  book,  Big Blue M: The McMillin Off-Road Racing Story.

After seeing the cars off for the parade, we headed south to Ensenada for 
Tech and Registration, and a trip out to the Horsepower Ranch.

Thanks to all of the teams that supported ORMHOF with decals on their cars.
ORMHOF Inductee Chris Collard
enjoying street tacos on contingency
row in Ensenada. Chris recently completed a 3,000 mile Alaskan adventure. (Read more below.)
L-R: Five time Baja 1000 winner and ORMHOF chairman Mark McMillin, NORRA president Mike Pearlman, and Ultra4 Racing president and ORMHOF board member Dave Cole.  Mark and Dave both raced, and finished, the five-day event.
ORMHOF chairman Mark McMillin, NORRA Mexican 1000 Grand Marshal Eliseo Garcia,  Gina Pearlman, and ORMHOF Board Member Bob Ham.
These two rally Porsches were among many of the race vehicles at Horsepower Ranch.

ORMHOF Chairman Mark McMillin with Inductee Bruce Meyers at the book signing.
Call to Baja
Bruce Meyers Book Signing at Horsepower Ranch

ORMHOF Inductee Bruce Meyers celebrated the publishing of his book, Call to Baja, with a book signing party at Horsepower Ranch. 

Call to Baja includes a foreward by another ORMHOF Inductee, Ivan Stewart. For more information on Bruce's book, click on the cover art, below.

ORMHOF Inductees, Board Members at the NORRA Mexican 1000
ORMHOF 2016 Inductee Larry Ragland
ORMHOF Chairman Mark McMillin
ORMHOF 2016 Inductee Marty Fiolka
ORMHOF Board Member Rory Ward (Read Rory's Race Report Here)
ORMHOF 2004 Inductee Walker Evans
ORMHOF 2007 Inductee, Off Road Journalist Sue Mead
  ORMHOF Board Member Dave Cole
Three Generations of ORMHOF Board Member Bud Feldkamp's Family
Debut Their  Newly Restored Vintage Truck. 
Read More on the Restoration Here.

Cameron Steele, 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000 Overall Winner
Two Generations of Two Great Off-Road Racing Families
L-R: Dan McMillin, Mark and Cameron Steele, Mark and Luke McMillin in San Felipe.

Thank you to ORMHOF Partner NORRA 
for Five Days of Baja Racing Adventure!
Ensenada - San Felipe - Bay of LA - Loreto - La Paz - San Jose Del Cabo
Click on the NORRA Logo for full race results.
ORMHOF Chairman Mark McMillin gets a thumbs up from Robby Gordon at the finish line of the NORRA Mexican 1000, with a special appearance by ORMHOF Board Member and fellow racer Rory Ward. Thanks to Rory for reminding us to always have fun and enjoy the sport we love!

On behalf of the entire board of directors, I would like to thank and
recognize these businesses and individuals for their support of the
Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.

We invite you to join this distinguished group.
Mark McMillin, Chairman

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